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Got the LCD-X (west) today.
I am going to be back from my trip on Tuesday, so maybe I can still get the phones?
Unfortunately, I have to drop out since it seems I would get the phones when I am on a trip April 3-15. LCD-X (west)
dimpled getter d getter
Sure, I will do that tomorrow but it is pretty hard to see.
Just purchased a single 6SN7 oval mica, round plate tube ($90 ) to go with another I had.  I noticed that one has a dimpled bottom disc getter and the other has a D bottom getter .   Do you guys think these will sound significantly different?
Here is something my friend built recently, needs to be cased and PS will be separate. Ignore the fans, the heatsinks used are scrap and not up to the task. I will get my friend to post the schematic. The amp sounds really good with the HD800, find myself listening to this amp a lot recently even though I have the DiyT2 and new dynahi on hand. It is incredibly musical and engaging with the right tubes We may bring it to the upcoming meet in southern CA.
Picked these up from a friend recently and gave them a try but I like the HD800 better in my system and for my usage (don't need closed phones).  I want to try an Audeze or HE-6 next, might consider a trade.     These are in excellent condition and will come with all original items, including the shipping box.   Buyer to pay for shipping and paypal fees.  Will ship to the US.   Thanks for looking.
The Dynahi is absolutely amazing with the 800s and so is the GS-X mk2. I have never found the 800 to be harsh at all, love it on my DSHA as well. My friend has the L-2 and it is great on that amp as well but if I had to choose, the Dynahi wins by a pretty good margin.
I was pretty much kidding, building the T2 is a major hassle. I do have many parts for one more so I will either build it or keep the parts as backup.
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