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Hmmm, I own the BA and I don't agree here.  I prefer the EML 300B to the KR PX4 for the HD800 and the R10.  You just can't beat that mid-range magic of the 300B and the EML has great definition too.  
These are private builds, none for sale, sorry.   Mapleshade rack.  I have some other feet that are slightly higher I may put on but temps seem to be running about right.  Besides, those feet cost me five dollars     
The 6DJ8 are Telefunkens and I love them.  Mullards are great too.  The EL34 are Dutch dual d-getter XF4, very nice.  I think I prefer them to the XF2.
Nah, amp section is hotter, just seems safer for the tubes this way.
Here are some pics of a DIY T2. I am building a 2nd one presently. This thing is truly sublime.
Yeah, really relevant analogy comparing a mechanical instrument to a cable.  
No, the mind is the only thing that burns in.
Not sure if this is posted elsewhere but recstar24 wrote an awesome review at Inner Fidelity.
I use the regular EML 300B and i prefer them to the PX4 with the R10 and HD800.
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