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Thank you for this, I will give it a try sometime.
I also did a 2.0 measurement (Wilson something) and have the same issue with the bass, so I never listen to that.  I use Senn HD600, but have tried with other phones too.  I wonder if something needs to be changed with the bass settings for 2.0?  I've been meaning to ask Lorr but have not done it.
Question, if you can't do the upgrade, which is what Lorr told me too on my unit, then why did you send it in?  Are you getting some kind of credit for a new one?  
Hmmm, I own the BA and I don't agree here.  I prefer the EML 300B to the KR PX4 for the HD800 and the R10.  You just can't beat that mid-range magic of the 300B and the EML has great definition too.  
These are private builds, none for sale, sorry.   Mapleshade rack.  I have some other feet that are slightly higher I may put on but temps seem to be running about right.  Besides, those feet cost me five dollars     
The 6DJ8 are Telefunkens and I love them.  Mullards are great too.  The EL34 are Dutch dual d-getter XF4, very nice.  I think I prefer them to the XF2.
Nah, amp section is hotter, just seems safer for the tubes this way.
Here are some pics of a DIY T2. I am building a 2nd one presently. This thing is truly sublime.
Yeah, really relevant analogy comparing a mechanical instrument to a cable.  
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