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Hmm, maybe I should trade him one of my T2s for the HEV90/HE90.
Are we supposed to bow down now  
It's probably just not your flavor, doubt the bias thing will change that.
Kevin believes the bias is quite important for the HE90, so if you listened at the Stax bias, this may be a factor.  I can tell you I have heard both on the T2 and I prefer the proper HE90 bias of 500.  There is a difference.  I assume the BHSE was biased at 580.
heh, yeah, sorry.   Listening right now to make sure I was right 
Not true, and I have the combo.  
x 1000
Make me an offer
After I wrote that I thought you might think I was talking of you, but I wasn't .  
The Shugaungs are a bit warmer so some may like them (my experience is with the T2).  There are a number of non-vocal people (who's ears I trust a lot) who don't feel the 009 is bright in the least, so don't necessarily listen to the guy who feels he needs to say they are bright every time they are mentioned   I would guess his source is bright.
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