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For me, the HD600 has been an excellent combination with the A8 I've owned for the past 7.5 years.  Have never really liked the HD800 with the A8.
I thought I was gonna go for the 2U but in the end I went for the black headstand thing.
That's a Mapleshade rack.
For sale is an almost new Logitech Harmony Elite for $220 shipped.  I bought it 10/28/16 at Best Buy. It's way overkill for me, bought it on a whim since there was a trade-in deal on my old Harmony One.  Anyway, I bought the Harmony 700 and that's fine for what I need.   More info here:   Price is $220 shipped to US only.  I'm only going to sell to you if you have feedback here or somewhere else like ebay or...
Ok, then close the listing.  That way nobody else will get confused and you won't be bothered.
Sent a pm on the QC25.
I'm in. #64
How about this, Samson V 2
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