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This factory built unit was purchased from Audiogon in November 2008.  I had sold it to a friend in 2009, but recently bought it back from him since he needed money.  I have three other sources, one of which has to go, so that is my reason for selling.  Also, I am trying to simplify my system, so may soon put up another DAC and several amps.   The AN came to me with a cap in the power supply that was bulging (at end of life), so we had it replaced by a technician at...
Here's a pic of my black unit. Definitely a keeper and that's up against an APL NWO-Master and an Audio Note 4.1 balanced. I would say this thing bats way, way above its price range.
I got offered a black unit and took delivery on Monday, shipped last Friday.  Right off the bat I will say this DAC is quite impressive.  And this is up against some very high end other units I have in my possession (I own them, not on loan).  It will be interesting to compare it to my benchmark, the APL NWO-M.  But i can say that it sounds fabulous with the T2/009 combo right now (after 1.5 days on).  The soundstage is incredible and the tone is very engaging and natural....
Meet impressions to be taken lightly since sessions were short.   The Yggdrasil at purrin's table did nothing for me, maybe my expectations were too high. n3rdlings Stax DAC >headamp aisteaus>009 was incredible. Hugo TT>HD800 was really smooth and very enjoyable.  Was great to speak with Rob Watts.  I may get a demo of the TT or wait for the big brother to be announced which will come at the Munich Show in May.   It was really nice to see people, some of whom who...
Yes, do take it to PM.
go away, please.
+ a billion
At least I think that is what he is still using, but I may be wrong?   Interesting XF history here, I have 6 sets of the earlier XF4s:   http://www.tube-classics.de/TC/Tubes/Valvo%20EL34/EL34.htm
Purk's tubes came from me, they are XF4s, which were made after XF1s and before the first run of XF2s, a very special tube and only bested in some ways by metal base tubes.
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