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That's a Mapleshade rack.
For sale is an almost new Logitech Harmony Elite for $220 shipped.  I bought it 10/28/16 at Best Buy. It's way overkill for me, bought it on a whim since there was a trade-in deal on my old Harmony One.  Anyway, I bought the Harmony 700 and that's fine for what I need.   More info here: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/harmony-elite   Price is $220 shipped to US only.  I'm only going to sell to you if you have feedback here or somewhere else like ebay or...
Ok, then close the listing.  That way nobody else will get confused and you won't be bothered.
Sent a pm on the QC25.
I'm in. #64
How about this, Samson V 2   http://www.head-fi.org/t/797494/mapleshade-samson-v-2-4-shelf-equipment-rack-2-thick-shelves
Besides the fact that Darin Fong in his software took peoples PRIRs that were intended for personal usage and he incorporated them into his software without asking.  When I asked him how my Egyptian Theater PRIR got into his software there was no reply.  I know it was mine because there were only two of us in the theater and I'm the only one who shared it.  Maybe he is legally fine, but otherwise, not so much.   I absolutely love my A8, have a very early one which just...
Here is the UpTone Audio USB Regen uo for sale since I use a streamer now without USB.  I am the first owner, purchased 8/15.  It's in great condition, like new.  All packaging and parts included.   Selling for $125 shipped to the US.   More Info:   The UpTone Audio USB REGEN™ just might be the next big leap for computer audio. [The reviews from many of the over 2,500 people worldwide now using a REGEN are filled with excitement over how musically effective the...
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