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Hey everyone,   I just wanted to take a moment to reassure everyone that we are definitely going to be releasing the SA6-Rs and the SA7s soon. Bringing manufacturing back to the United States had a few unforeseen set backs. But we are still working very hard to get a release date announced and hopefully will be announcing one within the next couple months.   We still have our SA7 email list in place that everyone can sign up for by sending an email to...
  Hey Zin,   Sorry to hear you have run into issues with your SA1s. I'm not too sure why you werent able to reach us, our system may have been acting up. Contact me at if you still have the earpieces and I'll walk you through the replacement process.
Making of the world-famous CT20 Custom Wireless Hybrid custom earphones:   1.       Find an ear large enough to fit 10 dual armature drivers into a.       This was done by using an NBA player’s ear who stand 6’11” tall 2.       Cram 10 dual drivers into the earphone while still managing to actually place tubing on nearly every one so it might actually work 3.       Throw a massive inductor in there to act as a low-pass filter for allowing the drivers to go as low as...
Good point, the numerous speakers do over shadow the fact that you can go from wired, to wireless and back again using Kleer lossless technology with these.We had to upgrade the amp to handle the 180 ohm impedance on the receiver.   
  The 7 Hz Brown Note we tried to avoid, it's the frequency though driver #20 hits that we're most proud of
The CT20 does exist, the pictures are not mockups. Here's a video of them:    
In each earphone there are 10 dual drivers
Here is a link to one of our first video reviews: 
  Shipping and artwork are both free for a fee of $199.99
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