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My guess is the Z7 may be a fun pair of headphones.
Nomax, does the Z7 tend to have a wider soundstage or a deeper soundstage?
 Perhaps Moon Audio can do something about it?  Lemo connectors that was assembled in Qualia 010 would be nice too.
I concur. From my experience, I observed that SA5000, SA3000, MA900 declined in street price value as Sony were beginning to discontinue them.
I'm not a TH900 owner, but as an AH-D7000 owner wanting a TH900, I feel the similar way. Nomax, how many hours have you burned-in the MDR-Z7?
I was prioritizing with paying off college loans. Now that I paid off the loan, it's time to save up for headphone gear and/or headphones!
 Fostex TH900 is one competitor? This is a bold statement. I've been eying on TH900 for a couple of years. It's quite a shock because if it were true, an MDR-Z7 at this sonic performance level would be a bargain sale. In my opinion, would it have been better if Sony utilizes mini XLR connectors instead of unbalanced connectors? Audeze and AKG started it. Or perhaps use the connectors that was in the Qualia 010?
Bump + lowered price!
I use my friend's PS3. I would imagine replacing my flac files with dsf files to be a game changer. I am considering a BDP-105D. I noticed that Oppo blu-ray players do not go on sale. Even some previously used generation models are not really on sale. Bummer. It is really difficult to market SACD's. Marketing 24-bit high resolution files are difficult as it is already, although very few of today's music are getting sold in 24-bit.
For the past year, I am starting to collect some SACD's and extracting to DSD files. I do not think I own any SACD's that have DSD128. From my understanding, DSD128 sounds better than DSD64. However, are there such SACD's that have DSD128? Or is DSD128 usually just upsampled DSD64?
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