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Several thread pages ago, I mentioned that I won't be able to attend the main event, but I registered (with a friend) to join the pre-party with you all! Can't wait!
I love the black and red colors from the GS-X! Other than the Da Vinci dual dac, I can't think of another desktop DAC that would have similar colors as to the GS-X.
According to the GS-X MK2's website:   "We will be releasing new amplifier modules in the future as we continue to evolve the design, so your amplifier will never become obsolete."   What is an amplifier module? In terms of computer hardware, would the analogy be something like the circuitry in the motherboard or sound card?
Ok, thanks!
 Hmm, it could be it.  Agreed with fisaco. I'm referring to the white light that is off to the side slightly.  Forgot to note that I'm not using the charger at the moment.
JRiver as well. It's weird because the JRiver does see it but doesn't play. Also, did anyone experience a white light when Chord Hugo is turned on but charger is not attached to it?
Recently, I see a white light on my Chord Hugo even though I removed the charger away from the unit. I tried using connecting the SD USB to my Macbook Pro but it doesn't play. The MacBook Pro sees the unit, but doesn't play any music. Has anyone faced this before?
In case anyone is interested in the comparison between the P-1 and P-700u:   I asked my Japanese friends for a direct translation:   I’ll be comparing the P-1 that I used to use regularly for 10 years and the new...
Shoot, I wish that I can go. Will be in Vegas that day.
Just received mine today. It's burning in right now as I am waiting for Luxman P-1 amp early next week. I can't wait to listen to the HE-1000 with Chord Hugo and Luxman P-1!
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