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Quote: Shooting at 24mm 3 feet away is not the same as shooting 200mm from 20 feet. I bet 90% of the people with zoom wouldn't even bother walking that extra 17 feet, when a full twist of the zoom ring can "bring you there".   Perspective can make or break the photograph.  
Does the skeleton work?
I want in! :) Hopefully it's not too late to RSVP :)
I've butchered up my ADDIEMs, torn apart the earphones completely and got my hands on these little gems..     Anyhow, who should I send them to for custom moulds? Last time I was still active on Head-fi, only UM and Fischer Audio (sp?) do "custom customs".   Not only do I need to get these BAs housed in a custom mould housing, I will also need a set of replaceable/detachable cable that also have an inline remote with volume control; one of my primary use of...
PM Sent!
Link to album in JPG: (60.8MB rar file)     My laptop and external monitor is not calibrated so there might be an odd colour shift. I also blame that JPG lossy conversion! :P                                            
In before pictures, which will be ready in a couple of hours   Many thanks to Pavel for organizing such an incredible meet, great people, amazing setups and wonderful atmosphere! It was great to see and talk to you all!
Pink Floyd's The Wall, and recently, Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns.
I'm located in Canada, please PM me a price with shipping.
I still want this, as I bought a pair from eBay and they turned out to be "fake". :(
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