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SOLD! Thank you for the Interest.
It's still up for sale.
Hi Kasan23,   Yes paypal would be ok. BUT some one else PM'd me before you posted on the thread. I will keep you informed on the status of the deal. I apologize for the late reply.   Jojo
Selling my Ultrasone Edition 9 Complete with original Box. As with Description the ear cups and cable are worn due to use but the headphone is working without issue. I originally planned to re-cable to a better cable but actually forgot to do it for sometime. Clearing stuff again.   Selling for 1300 USD shipping and fees included.   I can ship worldwide and item is in Singapore so buyers in Singapore will purchase the item without shipping and fees.
RESERVED   For Sale is a pair of used Cardas Golden Cross 1M XLR IC with original terminations. Original packaging NOT included.   Looking for 400 USD includes Paypal Fees and Shipping. Item is in Singapore. I will use EMS (5-7) days which isn't cheap in my location. =(   But I trust EMS as I haven't lost a package sent to the US this way. I have sold items to the US without problems. Check feedback on my signature.   PM if interested.   *Actual...
Up after getting married.
Been busy lately. But up w/ a price update.
Up for the week
Quote: Originally Posted by ruknd ummmm....it's $450USD new. As noted on description the SR71A cost much more here in SG retail due to taxes and the price includes A pair of Tysonic Batts, paypal fees and shipping. Anyway, I'm open to some change in price. =) Just to add the SR71A was alimited run. Not sure If it can be bought new. But the unit I have also surely has at leats 2 yrs of warranty from RSA. =)
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