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 Not sure; PM me an offer (where in Chicago are you from?) Since it's been a while since anyone's sold a pair, I don't really know what to ask for.
 Sounds good! I'll post the answers both here and my review. The thing that's always turned me off with the H6 before even putting them on is for some reason, they feel strangely flimsy. 
Does anyone have any questions about them or the company? I've been emailing one of the guys in charge so I'd be glad to ask him whatever!
Oh, I'm in an Enigma tour and I'm in northern Illinois (like an hour from the city). Where are you based?
Even adding a 0 to that 100 would be a bit low.
I've actually gotten less flak for watches than headphones, which I've always thought was kind of weird, as watches are even more of a money pit.
I just got these last week from RAFA, but I can't really justify having two rather expensive closed headphones that sound kind of similar, so I'm going to put these up here. These are, in fact, the Audio Technica W10VTG. They sound fantastic, but I like my ZMF x Vibro just a bit more. They aren't mint; there are a few dings in the cups that have removed some of the very pretty lacquer. This pair is recabled with about five feet of silver wire.   Honestly, I can't put a...
I have one on loan for a month. I downright love it for my W10VTG and ZMF x Vibro, but so far, I'm not loving it with the HE500.
Thanks! Well originally, I wanted a pair made with Claro Walnut, but we ran into issues so it's plain walnut.
It's a ZMF x Vibro! Link:
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