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I currently have these. I've only actually used them for about an hour (if that) but I feel like I can say that these are probably the most coherent sounding closed I've ever used, but I think it's a little bit too laid back for me (it could be the amp [Allnic HPA-3000]; I haven't bothered switching amps yet). I can say that from this short period of time, I like them more than the W3000ANV, but I'd need to hear the TH900 again to be able to definitively pick between the...
I'd be interested! I'd most definitely post it here, but if they're really good I'll post it on Headfonics.   Stuff on here:   Some stuff on Headfonics:
I'll PM you about it because I can't talk about it here I'm guessing. And yeah I'm on my second pair. I don't wanna say much until I have my final tuning because I've been messing with my pair a lot.
So I know this is super late but I finally finished my Alfa Genus review! I'm on the road though so I won't be able to upload it until I get home.
Zach prices his B-Stocks at a really good price! There probably is going to be one up in a month or so after the tour I conducted with one of my loaner pairs is over. Also, I'll post my impressions once my pair's tuning is finalized.
 Not sure; PM me an offer (where in Chicago are you from?) Since it's been a while since anyone's sold a pair, I don't really know what to ask for.
 Sounds good! I'll post the answers both here and my review. The thing that's always turned me off with the H6 before even putting them on is for some reason, they feel strangely flimsy. 
Does anyone have any questions about them or the company? I've been emailing one of the guys in charge so I'd be glad to ask him whatever!
Oh, I'm in an Enigma tour and I'm in northern Illinois (like an hour from the city). Where are you based?
Even adding a 0 to that 100 would be a bit low.
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