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Sure! Since that's less of a technical thing, I'm sure they'll let me post that here.
I'll have a review of these up eventually (probably within the next month, depending on the publishing schedule). If you want to know what these sound like, gelocks basically has it. I think they're slightly warm, but there's a bit of weirdness in the mids that keeps me from using them exclusively.
Actually, I'd trade them for an HD650+$100 or and HD600+$150.
Does anyone have anymore questions they want to ask about these? I'm talking to a couple of people at M&D and they're very responsive and would love to answer more. (gelocks, they answered your questions a while back. I totally forgot to tell you, sorry! I'll post their answers in my review, but I can PM them to you if you want)
Hi somebody buy these today (or before the post office closes tomorrow) please. I leave Saturday morning so I'm taking them with me if they don't sell.   Offers for trades are still cool too, but there isn't much I haven't tried at this point.
Send me an offer; I want these gone by Friday
I bought these from mochil a few weeks ago. I really like them, but not as much as my RE-600, and I just spent a big chunk of money on some new cookware for my mom, so I'd rather have money than IEM's that I don't use all that often.    These are in fantastic condition, and they're the super cool red and blue kind. I don't need to sell them, but if I were to, I'd like to by this Friday.    I paid $150 all in, so I plan on selling it for that much because I've only used...
At the moment, with the plethora of things I'm in the process of shipping out (or have recently shipped out if that's not considered cheating)   1. Audio Technica W5000 (I didn't like them until I bent the headband to fit my head; I don't understand why AT just outright refuses to fix this design. Now, they have actually taken my breath away multiple times, and I just got them today) 2. Oppo PM2 (With some melamine in front of the driver to take some of the treble...
I tried to get these out last Saturday but I actually hadn't been able to use them for more than an hour because they happened to come at a really busy time for me. I only got about three more hours with them, but I really don't want to delay this, and I feel confident that I have a enough good hold of the sound signature to write something about them. But basically, they're definitely a step up from my old SR325is, with some much needed warmth, but...I'm not sure if I...
So...who am I shipping the RS1 to?
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