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Sorry if I haven't responded to anyone; I was having a weird issue where my computer would freeze on this website. I have about 30 messages asking for interest and as fate would have it, someone responded to my craigslist ad not even a minute after I listed the headphones and picked them up. I'll send individual messages to everyone that PM'ed me in case you don't see it.
Selling a Sine. It's a nice headphone but I like my PM2 and MH40 more. I'm the second owner. Comes with everything original. Asking for $250.
Priority will go to those who buy the whole lot
Price drop; I want to sell these fast.
Just an interest check for now; sale depends on if I can get the local deal I'm gunning for.   This ESP950 comes with everything a normal ESP950 should come. It's in good condition as far as I can tell and even comes with a pair of custom sewn pads. Only selling this to fund a pair of speakers.   Pics will come tomorrow 
Price drop
Probably not much better. The treble isn't the problem, it's the upper midrange.Bottlehead SEX and EHHA for amps, Theta Progeny for DAC.It's what I hear; I've been reviewing some mediocre headphones like the SHP9500 and I would easily take the 9500 over this; it sounds like a worse version of those.
Sold, but keeping this up for another day as a warning to anyone that wants an HD700
Yes, this is a ridiculous price but oh my god these are so bad. I bought this last week and it took me five minutes to realize what kind of mistake I made. I had a pair before and my memories of it aren't that bad but oh my god these sound so bad. They sound like I'm in a fish bowl and someone's singing from the outside of it. They sound like I have the worst cold I've ever had. They sound like Sennheiser stopped trying.   But if you're still interested, $200 net to me...
New Posts  All Forums: