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I can try to make it, but I'll have to find transportation.
Now also up for sale
Just the 5000
So I've been super busy with school and haven't popped in lately, but...I totally forgot to tell you my updated/school address.
Pics!       If you can't see it (sorry!) the inside diameter is 2 inches.
Well I want to say V shaped but some treble sounds kind of muffled. And well the retail of the Amperior wwas high but ended up being sold for pretty cheap a couple months back. I'd pay maybe $70 for the Amperiors if I were forced to buy them and maybe $150 for these so far. It could be that I don't have much to compare them to in its price range (the closest I have is the Master and Dynamic MH40 but they're still $150 more) with me at the moment, but they sound kinda...
It's not a suspension strap, it's a rubber section connected to the fabric covered part.I just got the XL today. They're bassy, kind of "meh" to be honest, but I have been liking them more as my ears adjust from the weird W5000 sound to this. If I were to describe them right now, they're what I wish the Amperior sounded like. They're less trebly, more mids, and slightly better controlled bass. But dammit Sennheiser the ear holes are smaller than the Momentum's I've only...
Try pulling them slightly away from your ear. They're much less warm but I like them more that way
So I don't particularly want to do this but I'm curious to see what I'd get offered. I haven't used my W5000 in a while because college/friends taking up most of my time and I use the ZMF x Vibro more. Trades? Straight/possible cash going your way (ie the W5000 for something higher end) There's a couple scratches on one of the cups but nothing too bad (probably even easy to mask but I don't have lemons or oil). I have the original carrying case as well. I don't know where...
 Oh shoot you're right. I've never actually tried that one so it slipped my mind.
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