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Up for sale/trade is a PFR-V1. It's really interesting sounding and the more I've used it, the more I like it, but they're basically speakers and I don't get to use them much because of that. They don't come with the original box, but I have the original case, amp, and an extra pair different foams that warm the sound up a lot.   For trades, shoot me interesting offers.   I can upload more pictures tomorrow.
 Yeah, the silver ring is what differentiates the CD900 and the V6.
 The Blackwood is my preference, but the Vibro does seem to be more up your alley. Actually, just email Zach and tell him your concerns with the HE500.
Eh, when I read tight, I tend to think snappy therefore not really that strong. T50RPs are planars like the HE500. It's kind of hard to compare the HE400 to the Mad Dogs. The Mad Dogs are rather warm sounding with relaxed treble, so you might find them to be a bit veiled. The HE400's treble peak makes them sound a lot more exciting. You should also take a look at the ZMF stuff; I tend to prefer it to the Mad/Alpha Dogs. It's not a superiority thing, just a preference thing.
For some reason I thought the $200 price at Black Friday for the HE400 was permanent. Though they're really easy to find under $300 any day. Used, $250 is the norm. And putting some toilet paper in front of the driver helps a lot with similar center in my experience (I'm not kidding). And about the M50 praise: the M50 is many people's first serious headphone upgrading from stock stuff, so most of what is written about the M50 will be positive no matter what they sound...
 If the one I used at ChiUniFi is any indication of its quality, not really anything. Granted, it was meet conditions, but it was pretty underwhelming despite the fact it was rather quiet in the room when I used it.
Uhh, you're comparing the bloated, muddy bass of the M50 to the HE500's significantly more polite bass. It's not surprising you don't like them. You probably should have spent about $250 less and gotten the HE400 and be happier. I don't like the HE500 all that much anymore myself, but I do have to say they're definitely worth $500 when taking the fact that the HD650, which has looser bass, is usually $400 into consideration.
A college student discount like Spotify does would convert me. I usually can do 4/5 when I try the test, but the $15 difference between Spotify with the discount and Tidal is pretty significant.
I haven't read too deeply into either side, but I remember seeing that accusation then seeing this: (the first comment)
 I'm kind of surprised you like the DT880 since you love the Sextett. I had both at the same time and thought they couldn't be more different. The Sextett has much more soul than the really dry-sounding DT880. 
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