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No I'm not.
Yup, I ended up with another one of these. I thought I'd try them with the Focus pads and my EHHA, but they still don't really do anything for me; the PM2 is more to my tastes. They're in great condition with the original box, velour, pleather, and Focus pads. I don't see any chips or flaws but I'll check again later. Pictures will come later tonight. Trades: offer interesting things I guess. I realized I prefer closed stuff for convenience. I'd prefer to sell though,...
      I'll get better pictures soon, but I wanted to get something out!    And they're actually almost polar opposites to the Vibros.
Got 'em today! I haven't gotten to use them much as of now but at the moment, I actually like these more than the RS1e, which I thought was a little too bright (though I was using pretty dark headphones to compare them to when I had them).
Umm...yeah would you mind if I waited until I go home for Thanksgiving to get that review up? I'd prefer not to hassle my parents by asking them to ship the filters.
I can try to make it, but I'll have to find transportation.
Now also up for sale
Just the 5000
So I've been super busy with school and haven't popped in lately, but...I totally forgot to tell you my updated/school address.
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