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It's more like an HD650/HD600 thing. I could totally understand having both.
It was tried before and ended badly. From what I remember about the now closed thread that tried running on that idea, it just didn't go well. People inevitably asked questions (which can be very valid because sometimes people jump the gun and post deals that really just normal price or worse, or have other relevant questions) and others complained and got overly liberal with the report button. This system has been working for quite some time and I don't want to risk...
Honestly, I have no idea since I'm not the first owner.
Hmm really? I actually hadn't used the Vibros in about a month because I thought they were kind of harsh to me, whereas I don't hear that with the Blackwood. Though Zach did do a number of revisions for the Vibros. I distinctly remember there was a very dark tuning at one point.
I'll sell them for $400 until the HD700 goes out of stock.
If anyone wants to trade an HD700 plus like... $50 for my HE500 I'd be chill with that. I'd totally get a pair if I had the money.
I'll ask this again: is anyone coming from Boston or around Boston with a car? That's my only obstacle.
Got the EHHA working and goodness I forgot how much of a difference an amp makes. I've been out of the game for a bit and haven't listened to music really critically since like August. The Oppo PM2 was nice, but didn't really move me too much other than that it just sounded nice. But the ZB is different. It's pulled me in and might keep me after just one song.   The ZxV is a good headphone; there's no doubting that, but there's always been this slight nasal quality to it...
A few teaser pics:         The first picture with the ZxV and ZB is with whatever light was in the room (I wish it were natural light but today was crummy outside). The later ones that show off the grain needed the be blasted with a lamp. They're much darker in person.   As far as the sound goes, there's a pretty notable difference in presentation. While the ZxV can err towards aggressiveness/brightness (well, as far as ZMF headphones go), the ZB goes back...
I'll be getting the Blackwood some time next week; I'll post impressions the day I get them!
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