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Haha cool! The V1s were usually used by my sisters would stole them when I got the Vibros and Blackwood but I can't wait to hear them again!
This is going off of memory since I haven't listened to my V1 in like a solid year at this point, but they're definitely warmer. The HD600 is obviously airier and has better balance, but the ZMF has more detailed mids and bass.
I just bought these but some sudden expenses came up and these are the most expendable. I have a nice pair of AD1000s for sale. The negative reviews don't really do them justice. I actually really like how these sound. They're bright, but not piercing. I like to think of them as faster Grados. Comes with the original box and they are recabled with a 6 foot Venus Audio cable.
Picked these up in a trade but I just got a new turntable and speakers so these have gotta go so I can afford food. The SCL5 comes with the original packaging and case and one pair of tips. It seems to be in very good condition. $170 for the SCL5!
I don't use these so I might as well try to make some money off of them. I used them for maybe 10 hours. For some reason there's a scratch on one of the housings. I'll price it as $25 plus shipping. Paypal's like a dollar so I'll cover it.
Kennerton is the "premium" division of Fischer Audio, who makes the FA-002 (which were the first popularized version of these headphones). There are impressions of these out there compared to the FA-002W and apparently it has better bass (probably due to the cups). These also have a titanium coating on the driver which probably helps treble. The cups and damping probably do a lot for sound--people seem to have no problem paying $1000 for a T50RP; don't judge these before...
Did you remove the felt from the HE5LE? I think the HE500 sounds closed in compared to the HE5LE.
Dammit I want these back. I wish it made economic sense to ship to you because I'd easily trade my HE5LE's for these back. 
Up for sale is one of the older production HE-5LEs with the rubber coating. I've had it for about a couple weeks and have put only about two hours in. It's just not my type of sound--I do like them more than the HE-500 but I want something a little less dry. It comes with an 8 foot cable with silver and blue paracord. It's not the best work I've done because I really just wanted to use the headphones so I rushed the braids but it works nicely. $350 plus PayPal and...
Yeah, they do. Last year they had a CES promo in which they gave away a vFree to each person who signed up for their newsletters. Even the free headphones sound better.
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