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I feel like it's lack of venues. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to holding a smaller mini-meet style thing without the door prizes of the other meets I've been to.
As far as I know, the Assemblage DAC-1 is the same thing as the TransDac right? There's one going for $189 here: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Assemblage-Digital-Processor-DAC-1-Made-In-Usa-/141759395566 I was going to get it before an offer for a Theta came up.
I'm kind of disappointed they don't come in Columbia blue like the actual PortaPros.
Oh, it definitely has gotten way better and the really bad offenders have gotten kicked out which is the biggest reason I've stayed and contributed a lot (kind of funny seeing that mod get kicked out for pulling a Unidan). It's kind of annoying that I see a lot of content get downvoted once in a while because people don't agree though. The most recent thing is the somewhat fervent HD800 defending. I can understand why people wouldn't like it. But the most dedicated...
They're very hive minded (a lot of Reddit is) and dislike opinions that don't follow what most people think. They're also really data-centric but from what I've seen a good chunk of them don't even really understand what they're trying to present and just blindly follow Nwavguy as dogma. I post there a lot more than here because I've just gotten used to the format.
I haven't even touched my LCD-2 since Saturday.
It's not a problem, just a weird anomaly. I didn't realize just how bright (many different bands) they actually are until I compared them to other headphones. I just thought I was used to my Magnums. They made the HE500 sound dark rather than just a bit rolled off.
Are there any 2.1 owners that can relate to my weird pair? I thought I was insane but it's actually brighter than @zach915m's HE500 and the ZMF headphones. I actually had to mod them to tame their brightness.
This is really just an interest check because I don't mind keeping this but I also wouldn't mind not worrying about fitting this monstrosity in my luggage.   This is a Jecklin Float Model 2. I lightly refurbished/repaired them (they came to me broken) but I didn't replace the headband or ear foams because I was lazy and the headband foam still kind of works. The ear foam was trashed though so I threw it out. If you want me to replace them I can do it for the cost of...
ACK sorry about that I don't know why it published like 7 of these.
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