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Selling a lightly used Sharkk Bravo. Comes with the original box. 
Price drop
I bought this for an experiment but it never panned out. Great condition. Comes with power adapter.
I love this amp but I don't plan on using it any time in the foreseeable future. It has some velcro on top but is otherwise looks great. I don't see any chips. It comes with balanced adapters and original box. 
Selling a Momentum Over Ear in Ivory to help fund a new camera. It's in pretty good condition; I have to look hard to find any issues other than some scratches on the metal. Pads are still plush.   Comes with an aftermarket mic cable.   $55 net to me.
My camera's acting up so I'm going to take this as a sign to upgrade. I love how these sound, but they haven't gotten any use because I've viewed them as more of a collector's item.    I replaced one of the drivers with a CD1000 driver and it measures the same as the CD3000 (I don't even remember which side I replaced).   I'm not sure how much these are worth because I got them in a trade, so I'll take offers. They come with the hard case and a new set of pads.
My Elear train may be a little diverted to save up for this instead!
The user hasn't been online since February.
 Yeah, the previous owner let them go for a pittance and since in the past week I've bought a new amp and two new headphones, gotta offload something to reload my audio fund chest. Can't really sell more than what I paid for so someone's getting these for pretty cheap.
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