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It was on eBay, but it probably was the same seller. Nice find!
Aaah I'm so sorry! It's all packed up but a ton of things have come up in the past few days (Saturday was all on me; the alarm I set didn't wake me up and by the time I actually got up, the post office was closed, but today I had an unexpected 6 hour long meeting that prevented me from mailing it out today). I'm definitely mailing it out tomorrow though!    I noticed one went for $350 last week.
 The Sextetts he currently has used to be mine, and I'd agree with him at least in terms of signature preference. While they weren't technically amazing (their treble was a bit rolled off), both Sextetts I've had have been some of the most enjoyable headphones I've been able to use because of their fantastic, unabashedly colored midrange. The DF was nice, but didn't really engage me. The K702 I had was pretty good, but I didn't like the upper mids unless I used felt filters.
I mean for $80, there are definitely a lot of other options. While they have an interesting sound signature, they weren't technically that great. If you gave me $80 to spend on a headphone, I'd probably pick the NVX XPT100 over it if I had to buy new, but used there are a plethora of other options, even within AKG. The K271 is a lot more neutral and I actually thought it was more fun for metal and other fast music. Or better yet, an older K240. I just sold a Sextett for...
Thanks! Worst case scenario, I'm definitely mailing them out next week Saturday (Sorry! But I REALLY want to do a full review of these since there don't seem to be too many). My frames have arms that don't really work with headphones, so that's probably it. Also, did anyone else notice how easy it is for the cable to come off? I've had it come off at least once a day while trying to reach for something.
Ugh, so the more I've been using these, the less I feel I can live with them. They don't make a seal when I have my glasses on, so they sound pretty unbalanced, which rules them out as a portable headphone. (Also I got this at a really bad time because I'm in the middle of three weeks of midterms [I have two next week] so updates/the review will be slow but I will definitely try my best to be on time with shipping!)
Here's my review of the HM700/RE600!
Here's my review:
I'm in agreement with a lot of people here. V-Moda definitely has its niche and fills it well; I can't really think of another ultra-portable $300 headphone that can do EDM and hip hop as well as the M100, but it's kind of hard to justify that unless you're constantly on the move, mostly listen to those genres, and want more bass than an IEM in a similar price bracket can give. I got rid of mine after a few weeks because they just sounded congested to me, but they have a...
 These definitely fill a niche that the HE500 can't; the Didos are just a loaner, but if they weren't so much, I'd probably buy a pair for myself over the HE500 (Yes, I've heard it) if for nothing but to get people that are curious about the hobby an idea of what can be done with a headphone and satisfy my growing bass wants. As good as the HE500 is, after hearing it again, with a better amp, it doesn't do anything different compared to, say, my ZMF. Sure, it sounds...
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