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Nope it was yesterday:
Dammit guys I haven't bought anything other than the HD600s in a while and in two days I got the VSD2 deal and the HD700. At least it takes the burn off that $400 LCD2 that I missed by only a few minutes.
 Whoops sorry I missed this! I had the Vibro and Blackwood side by side (I actually have a review comparing them!). I was never a fan of the Alpha Dog since it sounded rather artificial to me due to its cups and particular tuning. The ZMF headphones have much more accurate bass timbre and decay than the Alpha Dog. I actually like the Blackwood a great deal more than the XC.
ZMF Blackwood: I have a review up for them and even though I don't have a pair at the moment (waiting for an upgrade), I still feel like I'm missing something with everything else. Modded Darth Beyer: I opened them up and there was nothing but cotton balls but after some damping, they can still rattle but don't sound half bad with anything with vocals anymore OPPO PM2: They'd be fantastic headphones if I had nothing to compare them to, but since I do, they sound lacking...
I don't want to do this. I really don't want to do this. But I need a place to live next year and I need to make a down payment for my apartment or else I'm homeless. For sale is a beautiful custom amp by Jef Larson, who has been declining in health lately so this truly is one of a kind. There's little written Jef, but I have nothing but praise for this amp. It punches well above its price tag (a good bit better than a Crack for reference). It's an absolute dream with the...
I can only speak for the older/cheaper Studios. I didn't think they were very close in detail but subjectively I actually preferred the sound with a lot of music. Though if given the option, I'd easily take a Sextett. It has a much more coherent sound with less grain.
 RMC Audio has always sold new ones for $379 if you email them.
Up for sale is an HD600. I bought it new last week because I wanted to hear its synergy with my OTL. It's fantastic, but I find myself picking up the rather similar-sounding PM2 more than the HD600 so it's only gotten about two hours of use if that. It comes with all original packaging (the newer kind).   I can cover PayPal fees if you cover shipping. I'm also not really in a rush to sell them; they do sound good, but I'd rather see them be used by someone who wants them...
Yeah, the main difference between the two with regard to treble is that the Blackwood has more but the Vibro is more exciting. @Levaix, I might actually consider that offer!
Oh I don't know how I missed that I stated that. And I thought it certainly wasn't trebly, but compared to the Blackwood and MM, it's less smooth. But I do hate how sensitive I am to that peak; the HE500 would have been great for me if it weren't for its own peak. ^Man I really liked your Sig Pros.
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