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Just got a pair of these. What should I expect?
Looking for an HE6. I'm fine with a couple scuffs at asking price. I'll pay more if it comes with the adapter box.
Naw I want to buy one
I'm also interested.
I'm missing the V-shaped sound and I want to give the TH900 a shot in my own system because I've never tried them outside of meets. For the asking price I'm not too picky about condition as long as the cups aren't wrecked but I would like original packaging.
 I haven't actually used the Studio in a while because it has a bad cable and I'm too lazy to replace it, but from recollection it's warmer and more neutral, but also much less fun. The magic the Playback has isn't there.
Totally agree with the DX1000 comparison. Glad to see you got them working!
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I'm getting these in a trade but I realized I need the cash. No pictures yet, but I'm asking for $379 plus shipping and fees. Of course, I may be interested in a trade of some sort. Send offers.
I tried an iteration of it in the past and it was very nice. It was only with an LCD-X but I thought it was slightly warm and had very good control. I'm actually tempted if I can sell my Stax.
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