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I have an LCD-2.1 for trade. I prefer its sound to the 2.2, but they're not what I really want as an end game. I'm most interested in trading for an HD800, TH900, and HE-6. I may consider other offers, but I won't consider an HD700, any Beyer (the AK T5p interests me but not enough to trade), or a downgrade.   They're in good condition but have a couple nicks in the grill paint but nothing really noticeable. There are no cracks and come with the wooden case with leather...
I'd be really interested in one. I can talk to the owner of Stereodesk in Medford.
I got these last week but I prefer my MH40 so I'm going to see if I can trade them for IEMs. They come with the original box.
I originally got these to compare to the Omni, but something has come up and I need to sell these. It comes with everything: original box, 6.3mm plug cable, and stand.  
I need to sell stuff to fund my new purchases and these aren't being used. This is an SR325i. I got it to compare to my Magnum but it's not even close. I prefer the Magnum.   $165 net to me.
Updated my post. I might just deal with sweating under my headphones instead of using IEMs for three weeks.
I just got these yesterday and they sound great when they actually seal but I think the way my ear canals are angled, no combination of tips I've tried creates a reliable seal. I think they're just too big.   I still want an IEM but maybe something smaller. It's a shame because they're pretty nice when they can seal but it's rare that they do seal.   I also want a TH900 and HD800. I have for trade the N5, Alpha Dog, and a Magnum V3 with original aluminum sleeves. I...
From his sale page:  
1. 6.3mm 2. SMC 3. 3.5mm 4. XLR
Price drop.
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