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Sweet! How noticeable is that "ortho wall" and funkiness south of 2k? I'll have a pair by the end next week to measure too.
This works better than expected
I wrote some impressions on my website
Is it cool if I bring my jury-rigged measurement rig? I've been wanting to take some more measurements and test some theories to potentially improve and understand my rig so if people are willing, I'd be really thankful!
 I'll have an Elear! I think I remember someone else saying they'll have one too. 
 I'm looking at buying another HE-6 so I'd be super eager to hear it off my Klone to see if it has enough juice for it. 
Price drop
I had a few minutes to kill!   Ishcabible   Modded Sennheiser HD800 Frankenphone with TH900 drivers in a different housing Modded OPPO PM2 Modded Yamaha HP3 LFF Paradox Sennheiser HD580 Master and Dynamic MH40 Focal Elear Krell KSA5 Klone Bottlehead SEX AMB M3 Theta DS Pro Progeny    Zach915m   Headphones and stuff   Zephuros   His great personality   Comzee   Dennis Had Fire-Bottle Torpedo III Master 7 with DSP...
I bought these from a friend but the sound signature doesn't really work with me. Comes with just the IEMs and a pair of tips. There's a problem with the connector where it came loose but it's been glued and has no problems but I wouldn't recommend constantly unplugging the cable. Looking for trade offers at first because I want new stuff to review but I'll also sell for $80.
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