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Dammit I want these back. I wish it made economic sense to ship to you because I'd easily trade my HE5LE's for these back. 
Up for sale is one of the older production HE-5LEs with the rubber coating. I've had it for about a couple weeks and have put only about two hours in. It's just not my type of sound--I do like them more than the HE-500 but I want something a little less dry. It comes with an 8 foot cable with silver and blue paracord. It's not the best work I've done because I really just wanted to use the headphones so I rushed the braids but it works nicely. $350 plus PayPal and...
Yeah, they do. Last year they had a CES promo in which they gave away a vFree to each person who signed up for their newsletters. Even the free headphones sound better.
I'm definitely interested!
Velodyne's rep that posted earlier in the thread sent me both pairs I have. And uhh...did you read the posts earlier in the thread? They weren't very positive either. I was actually a bit too positive in my earlier posts; I tried them again recently after not using them for a while and really didn't like them. I'd rank them below the...
My assumption was they priced them at $399 because they could rather than because they were worth $399 Many other companies were selling their headphones for $399 (Bang and Olufsen, Parrot, Bowers and Wilkins), so $399 is a sensible price point especially since they could market the vTrue's materials as a justification for their price.Velodyne has been blowing them out because I can assume few people have been buying them due to negative reviews (I probably contributed to...
I'd be very surprised if there were fakes. These weren't popular at all so it makes little sense to fake these. They just actually suck.
Nope it was yesterday:
Dammit guys I haven't bought anything other than the HD600s in a while and in two days I got the VSD2 deal and the HD700. At least it takes the burn off that $400 LCD2 that I missed by only a few minutes.
 Whoops sorry I missed this! I had the Vibro and Blackwood side by side (I actually have a review comparing them!). I was never a fan of the Alpha Dog since it sounded rather artificial to me due to its cups and particular tuning. The ZMF headphones have much more accurate bass timbre and decay than the Alpha Dog. I actually like the Blackwood a great deal more than the XC.
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