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i just got this this week, but it's hard to justify keeping these when the PM2 isn't all that different from it other than a less prominent midrange and slightly different timbre. I'm going the Magnum route (or HD700 route) instead.   I plan on bringing these to a meet this coming Friday, so I won't be able to ship until after then.    These are in mint condition, maybe seeing an hour of use. Pictures for now are...
I'm finally getting to try the champagne filters after my sister lost them. I think these are dethroning the Tenores in my "Best of 2014" article.
 That's what's assumed, but they didn't sound like it. I had a pair for a bit and they were pretty forgettable. They didn't have much dimension to their sound but were slightly aggressive, I think. I honestly don't really remember how they sound because I barely used them before tossing them to the classifieds. That said, I didn't like the DT48 either.
Pics up
I don't have microphonics with my Blackwood and the OCC cable...
I bought an M50 recently with a broken plug and replaced it. It now sounds as it should but I still don't like the M50 so I'm thinking of getting rid of it.  I don't exactly want much for it because its headband is peeling and the earpads are stiff (not to mention I didn't pay much for it so I'm really just wanting the cost for plug and the time it took to fix it). I can do trades but I'd prefer to sell. I actually really want a pair of wooden Grado cups.
The Silverados, to my knowledge, has cups that are metal. The DJ100 (and I'm going to assume the DJ200) just has a metal cap; the cup itself is plastic.
Unfortunately, I forgot I'm helping host an event here at 6, so I probably can't go unless someone from the Boston area is leaving early too.   Also, if I were to come, I'd probably only bring my laptop, HM650 and RE600, and PM2.
It's more like an HD650/HD600 thing. I could totally understand having both.
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