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It's a Great American Sound Son of Ampzilla and LCD-2 leather pads. The pads increase 1k too much so I'm going to eventually switch to the vegan pads, and funnily enough the amp died the day after I took that picture. The main reason I used the box is because I don't really trust the amp because it needs some restoration. Luckily, it saved my HE-6 because the last time I turned it on, it started smoking before I plugged the HE-6 in.
  Giving the HE-6 the power it wants, and more.
I actually combined some of the mods. I ended up after many iterations covering the insides with micropore, used some shelf liner, and put dynamat behind the driver.   I made measurements of the before and after because what I was hearing was inconsistent to what I read here:   (Don't pay attention to green; that's the modded FR)     My measurements seem to be somewhat consistent with Tyll's:       There is a noticeably bump at 1k that can make them sound...
I bought this, not realizing that I don't need this like at all. I'm selling this to fund my Son of Ampzilla repairs, which just went poof this morning. No box or charger, but works great and the LS996 can be used on T-Mobile if unlocked, which I will try to do tomorrow. Scratches on the back and some loss of trim paint, but no noticeable scratches on the screen. $140 net to me.
It's the MDR version and I combined the micropore mods with dynamat and BillP's mods.
Just updated this!
For home listening: 1. HD800 modded 2. HE-6 modded 3. PM2 modded 4. Z7 modded (just sold) 5. Jecklin Float Model 2   Wow I don't keep anything stock.   Portable: 1. PM2  2. Z7 3. MH40 4. T15 5. EX700   Blackwood is on its way but since I've heard it before I'd probably rank it about third and move the PM2 down. I also just bought a UERM (second time) because I realized I don't have any good IEMs anymore.
If anyone here is interested in a balanced Silver Dragon cable with a 2.5mm plug, PM me.    I sold my Z7 because I couldn't deal with the recessed 1.5k and unclear bass, even with mods, but it was by far one of the best built headphones I've ever owned. I just wish it were more controlled.
Selling a few cables I just found that I forgot I had until I cleaned my room today. I don't plan on using them and I want to finally get a nice monitor after using one that I found in the dumpster for the past year.   Linum 2-Pin BaX cable: I don't think I even used it. I'm the second owner. The only issue is that the cable has a couple scratches from the slider, but you have to feel for them. They're not visible. $45 net to me. Shipping should be cheap.   JH Audio...
Back up for sale unless I change my mind again.
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