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Final price drop
Temporary price drop option. I brought the headphones with me but I didn't bring the original packaging. I need money fast. I'll ship the headphones the day (or day after if payment comes after 5PM) I get payment and if the buyer wants the case, I can split shipping to send that when I'm back in Boston.
These haven't even come yet but I have to fund a more interesting headphone.    Pics are from the ebay listing I bought them.
This hurts to put for sale but I almost got mugged last time I used them so they've been sitting in their case for the past few weeks. I'm trying to fund another headphone really quickly so I'm hoping for a quick sale. For sale is a gold (real gold) ASG2.5. They're selling for so cheap because their left driver has really loose pins and I never got around to doing a permanent fix. I've been using glue and it's been working fantastically. They come with the case but no tips.
Price drop. Just want this gone.
My flight just landed, really bummed to miss this! Hope it went well!
Just got an update from my airline; I'm landing at around 1 so I'll probably get there a bit before 2, being conservative
As luck would have it, my flight was delayed. I might make it for the tail end of the meet
 Sweet, you da best! My flight comes in a little after 10 so I'll probably be there around 12. 
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