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Quote: Originally Posted by Tomikans I would for the the RE2's on head-direct. Superb quality and a crazy deal for what your paying for. Also comes with an amp for free to overcome it's lack of bass (which i don't even notice) Head-direct doesn't seem to say that RE2's come with an amp ?
Phonak's custom service is superb. I ordered mine online and I forgot to use the coupon code. So I called them the next business day, and asked them if they could apply the coupon code retroactively, and they did it for me :-)
Thanks for all the info. I am actually planning to get RE2 in addition to the PFEs that I already have. I love the PFEs. They are so comfortable, and the SQ is great. One of the reason why I am drawn to the RE2s is because they are semi-open, which means that the soundstage might be better. I guess I should've made my question more clear and specific when I posted the original question. Quote: Originally Posted by tstarn06 Saying something is supposed...
Does anyone have both? Can you compare them? I just got my Phonak Audeo IEMS. I love them. Very comfortable, and the SQ is great. But since I've heard a lot of good things about RE2, I wonder what they sound like. They are on sale for really cheap, so I am wondering if I should get them :-)
Mine are gonna be here on Friday. Woohoo!!!
I've been reading reviews and threads about Head-Direct RE2, and it seems to be a very good 'phone, but I am not sure if my IPOD can power it easily. Hope someone here knows the answer thanks!
Can Head-Direct RE2 be easily powered by mp3 players like IPOD classics?
Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe I ordered mine on the 12th and received them on the 17th. The sensitivity isn't as high as other IEMs, but since I switched to the Comply tips they seem louder, almost as loud as my IE8s and NE-7s. And loud is subjective, what are your current phones, and what volume level do you listen to them at? I don't actually own any IEMs, but I borrowed my friend's er6i, and I am listening to them right now. it's...
I placed my order today on Audeo's official website. Do you guys know how long it would take for Audeo to ship out them? (I live in the US). I am very excited about these IEMs. Also, if I use an IPOD classic Gen5.5, how much volume would I need to make the music acceptably loud? Thanks :-)
Under $100, what IEMs have the lowest microphonics? Thanks :-)
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