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Are the yellow foam tips that come with SCL3 and 4 washable?
Shure's cables are really thick, and maybe because of this, they don't stay put over my ears. So I wonder if I can use some sort of ear guides that make the cables stay fixed over my ears. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by xiexiaoye 这里也可以看见绝对零度的图啊,嘿嘿~ 绝对零度?? :-D
Jealous~~ I went to a near-by guitar center. Their computer showed that they had one pair in stock, but it was nowhere to be found :-(...
I am thinking about getting some shure olive tips. I know that they are not as comfortable as the Comply ones. But are they more comfortable than the silicon ones the came with the PFEs?
How much does it cost to get impressions done by an audiologist? Assuming that your insurance doesn't cover this kind of stuff...
A quick question (which I asked before but wasn't answered by anyone). So quite a few people are using the olive tips with PFEs. How comfortable are the olive tips, compared to the Comply tips and the silicon tips that came with PFEs? thanks
They fall out through the tips. Well, I mean, this only happens to the right side, for some reason... I've changed the tips three times and the filters twice. I don't know. I will see if this is gonna happen again, which I hope not.
Does anyone have the same experience? Both the black and the gray filter falls out for the right side. I was in panic yesterday when I found that it was missing again, I couldn't find it initially, and I thought it probably got into my ear canal... scary But fortunately. i found it on the floor later.
How comfortable are the olive tips compared to Comply foam tips?
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