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Hi ! I am selling my Soundblaster Extigy for $85 shipped . If interested please let me know. For feedback look at ebay under . If you intend to use paypal (credit cards accepted) the amt. payable is $ 87.88. Feel free to contact me at . If the item does not get sold by Tuesday I will put it up for sale on ebay.I will also include the 2 CD pc game 'Pools of Radiance' free. Condition - in near mint condition . Includes installation...
6 hrs before the auction closes
Hi ! I am planning to sell my Archos Jukebox 20 MP3 player(20GB capacity) .Not the Archos Recorder Condition - very good condition with minor insignificant scratches . Power adapter included . However I dont have the headphones , manual or installation cd. However the last two are available (free downloads) at the archos website . Feedback - look at ebay under Price - 65$ including shipping(USPS priority) . Methods of payment - check ,...
Sold and shipped .
I already emailed you .
I am selling my Homegrown Audio SuperSilver 2 interconnect cable with RCA termination . It is 1 m long and is in near mint condition . I bought this for 120$ and I am looking for a reasonable offer. I have used this cable for about 30-35hrs . Please look at ebay under for feedback . If interested , please contact me at This solid silver reference cable for everyone! With several significant upgrades added since our original version...
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