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Quote: Originally Posted by member1982 hehe so far my portable rig can consist of the iPhone 3G with UE TF10, or iPod Classic 80GB and Alessandro MS-2. for Gym use i have the iPod Mini 2nd Gen + Etymotic ER6i nice Quote: Originally Posted by onurrus Iriver clix+ and very happy with it I was thinkin 'bout getting one before i got my q5w..
Hey, Just checking interest (& and selling or trading too... if that works ) on my Sennheiser MX-W1's -- they are awesome. But I can't really justify keeping them since they only get literally less than ONE hours use every week.. Well, it's either these OR my SENNHEISER IE8's (so PM for more details ) Anyway more about my Sennheiser MX-W1, the MXW1's are the first wireless stereo headphones using KLEER technology and NOT bluetooth. KLEER gives a much better...
I have the Cowon Q5W for the big screen & capacity (60GB), also for some extra side-features
The CX300's? They're fair for the price, but has muddy bass, which is all over the place (it probs won't matter too much, since you're exercising )... so you want to switch from the ety's to the cx300?
wow, that actually looks great! too bad I already spent all my money on my IE8s, lol too bad for me, i guess...
Here's my Cowon Q5W with my Sennheiser MX-W1 or Sennheiser IE8 :
Same here... again. I think my left ear is slightly bigger than my right..
Hi, This is just a thread where people can post what their source is, and can include their whole portable rig too. Feel free to include pics! I have a Cowon Q5W as my source and either use my Sennheiser MX-W1's or IE8's Here are some pics (I also added this to the "pics of your portable rig thread ):
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