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Quote: Originally Posted by Nirvana1000 I was looking at the specs and saw up to 1200mW/channel RMS!!!Holy Crap!Is this amp really that powerful,or is that a misprint?Ciarla,how does it sound?This looks like a killer portable amp! Im currently burning the amp, its been on for a day. so far the sound quality is extremly good. and i checked the manual, and even ther it says 1200mW per channel. so im thinking its correct. i dont have a headphone...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chri5peed Quite sweet, I added a 'quicktag' for TOTAL TRACKS and made it a shortcut. So now whenever an album comes up I can just hit a #key to fill in that tag. very interesting
hello again everyone, sorry for the delay, i decided to do a little unboxing video and i uploaded it on youtube. anyways, i still havent gotten time to review the amp completely, but so far i like it. i also took couple of picture. also im going to list all my devices that im currently using by next week. + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. + YouTube...
hi again everyone, i recieved my AMP today, and it looks very good. i will take some pictures and put them up by tomorrow. and i will test it out and tell u guys about the sound.
Hi everyone, i was wondering which iPod LOD would be my best choice to use with iPod Touch (the first one) and portable AMP? and my budget is around $100. thanks guys
yeah, i saw that $40 discount. well i just purchased one of their uAMP109+ right now, and i probably should have it by wed or thursday. this is the blue one, they also have the red one which doesn't have the USB DAC and its a bit cheaper. from what i read it seem like a pretty good deal. i will update you guys when i receive the AMP109+.
Hello everyone, Does anyone know anything about the New uAMP109+ from Microshar?? here is the website: im very new with everything. please let me know if there are any reviews or anything out there. thank you
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