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  I am getting the "blue" box verification of 'Audio Path: Direct' using JRMC 17.0.182 on Win7Ult --> USB -> NAD M51.   Can confirm that the NAD M51 is a stellar performer via USB using JRMC on Win7 or FLAC Player on iPad1.
    I originally posted the "Classic Sinatra" so I'll own the responsibility for clarification, since Bob Norberg is a topic of some controversy amongst Sinatra cognoscenti. LFF is right - considerable liberties were taken in the remastering of the "Classic Sinatra" album. Bob Norberg hated the tape hiss present on some of the Capitol first gen masters  - so he used, what were at the time, state-of-the-art techniques to "improve" the remasters. Half of the processing...
^ What Nick said.
    arnaud - thanks for the observations, much appreciated.   However, the potential measurement artifact to which I'm referring is the dip at 8.8KHz (not the bump at ~11KHz) because 8.8KHz appears to be the only freq at which the new LCD-3 displays less freq response than the original LCD-3. Just asking - 'cause it would be great to have a better understanding of what's going on from an empirical perspective.   On the subjective side; the music I'm listening to with the...
    As follow-up to my earlier post (and just for grins) I thought I'd superimpose the two FR charts of the original un-veiled LCD-3s and the replacement LCD-3s.   Two observations: 1. Audeze are now starting their FR charts at 20Hz instead of 10Hz. 2. New LCD-3s chart higher at every freq, except for an odd dip at 8.8KHz - measurment artifact?...hmm.  
    I'm the "someone else" to whom purrin is referring.   The cutting-in/out of the right driver on the LCD-3s occured during the Head-Fi Village Headphone Meet 2012 last Sunday in Hollywood.   We swapped cables between several sets of LCD-3s to eliminate the cable as the issue. After some further fact finding, Marv declared the behavior to be in the headphone; and that was good enough for Alex and Sankar.   Sankar insisted on taking my un-veiled day-1 LCD3s for immediate...
eventbrite is not taking any more signups.   I'm gonna drive out anyway and see if I can crash the meet.   I'll bring some Hi-Rez FLACs of various genres in case folks want to listent to some 88, 96, 176, 192 / 24bit
Will be there.   Will bring NAD M51 DAC, ecp audio DSHA-1, RSA Predator, LCD-3 (original unveiled), Ultrasone PRO 900, Beyer DT770 Pro 80, Sony MDR-7506, associated cables and what-not.
You could do worse than make the same choice as the majority of professional sound engineers and go with the Sony MDR-7506 (the succesor to the critically acclaimed Sony MDR-V6).   Watch any video featuring musicians in the studio and this is likely what you'll see them wearing.   Wiki entry here --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_MDR-V6   Lowest Amazon Price I could find here --> http://www.amazon.com/MDR7506-Studio-Monitor-Stereo-Headphones/dp/B0009IZSBY
I have the Beyer DT770 Pro 80s, and they play OK straight out of an iPad. It's a closed back phone so ambient noise shouldn't be too much of an issue, but some folks might want more sound pressure given a nosiy background (i.e. airplane or bus).   The DT770 250 will produce even less sound pressure straight out of your iPod. I'm not sure the 250s are truly a viable option unless you opt for an amp.   I have the Ultrasone Pro 900s (not the 750s) but...
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