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Sold Chris a pair of Ultrasone HFI-680. He was a pleasure to deal with. Prompt payment and good communication. Recommended.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood A little bird told me that Shure is making a straight cable available in the New Year. -Ed According to the Shure site, still nothing
Oldboy - 10/10 Genius.
Swingers - 6/10 Made - 7/10 (ratings may be interchangeable depending on your opinion of Vaughn)
I also bought from Fiebing. Just PM Bill, thats what i did. Still waiting for Phonak to contact me to arrange my replacement.
Gamer - 5.5/10 Would have given it less if it weren't for the unorthodox content/plot/style, Amber Valletta and Michael C. Hall (Dexter).
still for sale
^big ups for the South African film industry :P Terminator Salvation - 7/10 Incredibly cheesey at times, but I still enjoyed it.
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