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 +1 finally a voice of reason.  if i'm PhiQuanTu and i open up my pair of LCD-4's to see that rare color, i'm HAPPY AS HELL!!!!!!  that is unique and valuable! in baseball cards, it is not the card that looks like every other card that is valuable.  it's the one with a misspelled word, or something that makes it unique.  the unique coloration on PhiQuanTu's LCD-4 doesn't affect the sound quality in the slightest.  let's keep our eyes on the ball, shall we people?  the...
They look nearly identical.I mean let's be real......
over half of all Americans couldn't come up with $500 in an emergency.
  good on them.  that is the appropriate response.  
yes. Apple MacBook Pro 2016 --> Tidal Desktop Masters --> Meridian Explorer2 --> Moon Neo 430 --> Focal Utopia  what's most amazing is that..... take everything above but it's just Tidal lossless straight to the Moon Neo DAC/AMP... there are STILL things i hear with the Tidal Masters running thru the Meridian that i didn't hear before!  same album, the MQA is the only difference.   amazing. 
[Post has been modified by the moderator] i've spent a lot of time with the HD600/650, the HD700, and the HD800/800S.  the Utopia is so far above all of those headphones it's ridiculous.  of those, the 800S comes the "closest", but is still not in the same league. 
Got mine 4 days ago.     i'm extremely impressed!!!  sound quality far, far, FAR above what i was expecting.  very good sound quality and GREAT bass!  combined with the size and convenience... Apple really hit it out of the park with these.  
i sit here listening to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours (one of the initial Masters releases) on this set-up and it feels like the first time again.  when in reality it must be the 1,000th. what a time to be a music-lover, and audiophile.  
dear god this Tidal Masters sounds SPECTACULAR.
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