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 love this post. this post IS head-fi.   
  in general i agree with you.   but the same could be said about cables.  why would companies put crap cables on their top-shelf headphones? problem is, when i put a Black Dragon cable on my Utopia, it made it a liiiiiittle bit better.  when i put the Elear pads on, it made the sound noticeably worse.   but still..... 'twas fun to tinker.  i definitely learned a lot about how important pads are to the overall sound signature.  beforehand, i was skeptical.  no more.
 yup, high gain. and yes, a "little shrill" is exactly how it sounded.  also lacked dynamism and attack.  
  not disagreeing with you, but at this level - if someone is laying down $4k for headphones, they are not likely going to then skimp on an amp.   i found that at the Deckard/OppoHA-1 level, the Utopia can be driven by them, but the LCD-4 can not.  my HA-1 at full volume only made medium-high sound on my LCD-4. but at the $4k amp level (such as a Cavalli, King, PassLabs, or Moon Neo), the LCD-4 is driven fine and sounds great, but the Utopia's sound quality gets much...
My Impressions of Focal Utopia w/ Elear pads     thanks to hapnermw for selling me his Elear pads at a great price.  he tried them and didn't prefer them.  i am owner #2 of these pads.      the first thing that i noticed when i put these on is that it did make the soundstage bigger, which has been noted.  i was surprised that pads could do this, honestly, but it really was my first impression.  this begets a more in depth discussion of the Utopia's soundstage,...
yes, def keep Utopia connected as it benefits greatly from burn in too.variety of music is best. set volume to medium-high.
 ugh.... you are tempting me.  i've had my finger on the HE1000v2 trigger for a month now.   i understand your position on the Utopia, but i forget - did you ever try or own the LCD-4?  how did you like it? my only hesitation about getting the HE1000v2 is that it's another flagship planar magnetic and it will sound too much like the LCD-4 to justify owning both.  and i'm NOT giving up my LCD-4!!!  i really love the dichotomy between my Utopia and LCD-4.  i reach for both...
i'd love to talk about how the exaggeration of sub-bass has been a detriment to the recording industry and any expectation that a TOTL headphone should play into this trend is misplaced.
it's also the correct one.  
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