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Makes it easier to clean under them.
The phono stage included in the pro-ject table is exactly the same as their standalone one, as far as I know.
I managed to solder in EVERY electrolytic capacitor backwards on my sigma22... I realised just as I soldered the last leg fortunately, so nothing blew up! No idea how I managed to do that. I've never even got one in the wrong way on anything else I've made!
Does anyone have any experience with using Grado Headphones with a Grado Cartridge? My old budget cartridge is getting a bit worn out and I feel like upgrading rather than replacing the stylus... because that's what I do! I was thinking of getting the Platinum Reference cartridge, but I'm worried that it will have the same sound signature as the headphones so they will sound far too bright together. Anyone who has used a grado cartridge with grado heaphones, please...
I just finished my Sigma22 a few days ago. Worked first time! Considering my only other amp was a cmoy a about five years ago I was more than a little shocked! Now to order the rest of the components for the beta22 boards!
That's so retro I want it!
I love that wood case zkool. Have you considered dyeing the red catch on the headphone socket? The red looks a bit out of place on a case that nice!
Phew, I read this about a gain of 5 just before I put in the order for the final parts too! Thanks for the tip!
Bit of a noobish question, i'm sure! I'm working on a three channel beta22 at the moment, using all the standard component values from the site (gain 8). If I want to use it as a preamp too, is it as simple as having a switch to choose between the headphone output and output phono sockets?
Phono amplifiers also provide equalisation, so you should never connect a turntable directly to a standard input on an amplifier, even if it can provide enough gain. It's probably more likely that either the record is in bad condition, or there's something wrong with the cartridge. I got a lot of crackling and distortion from mine last week, then the needle fell off...
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