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ThaThanks for highlighting...yes the jvc spiral dot tips works better with tg334..I guess the better clarity and soundstage is due to the wider bore diameter of the tips.
Here my review spinfit vs jvc spiral tips. I have to do the same Modding in order to get the isolation and seal. Basically for spinfit I can insert the my tg334 deeper. Less bright sound tighter soundstage..can heard slightly more details
pm u..............
Look at this... http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/headphones-earphones-portable-media-devices-314/diy-hybrid-tips-mod-iem-5060314.html#post94051847
Camping here for the new Firmware
Hope the new firmware will astonish us again.. Lol
Wow new firmware...
U are asking upgrade as in sound quality or battery capacity?
Thanks alot.. For the info
may i know what is the price?
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