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Dx90 and tg334 is heavenly matched. Enjoying them every night.
yeah gapless seen to cut abt 3 sec in to the first track... however with gapless off is like gapless on but with a 1 sec pause
Yes it is normal it is a modded v2.1
From my experience rooting andriod phone and using different CPU governors. Frankly speaking I do not mind if any a shorter battery life I m more concern on the sq. Thanks for the mod at least I know my dx90 is always running at full performance mode for music playback.The international v2 is the best sounding firmware IMHO. Btw I listen to sharp roll off.
Bro yr international v2 sound very superb... so much much better then V1.. However with the CPU always working in performance mode most likely battery life shorten.
anyone can upload the new lurker firmware to share thanks
thanks lurker... is this the same as the previous international version firmware u posted earlier or is the newer version?
Thank you for the hard work. I like it.
After removing the back cover u can just jerk the player with downward force with the battery facing down and the battery will just drop. Do catch the battery with yr hand.
Thank you Lurker0 for the international version firmware. So does this version display Chinese or Japanese characters properly? Thanks..
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