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Anyone tried the 006b balanced cable? How it compare to 001 or 000 cable?
I loves the ETY ER4S and it was my favorite IEM until i heard fitear TG334... sorry TG334 is another level... ER4S is too analytic and fatigue for me.. the ety detail level is superb..... yes the fitear is coloured but it gives me the most realistic mids and detail i ever hear.... 
charger spoil I guess
they are customthey are custom and not reshellable.. 
For me personally using the HM901S i very much prefer the SQ from the balanced card compared to discrete and minibox gold very much due to the soundstage. Using Single ended with TG334 +000 cable and i am going to "balanced" my 000 cable until i read mixed view about SE and balanced from many senior members...... So should i still send my 000 cable for re termination?
anyone compare the valoq + 627 to hm901s with balanced card (627)
didnt go... scare kana poison.. 
I tried tried party cable and still went back to get 000 cable... somehow i feel fitear cable suit their IEM CIEM better.
901S + balanced vs paw gold..
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