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charger spoil I guess
they are customthey are custom and not reshellable.. 
For me personally using the HM901S i very much prefer the SQ from the balanced card compared to discrete and minibox gold very much due to the soundstage. Using Single ended with TG334 +000 cable and i am going to "balanced" my 000 cable until i read mixed view about SE and balanced from many senior members...... So should i still send my 000 cable for re termination?
anyone compare the valoq + 627 to hm901s with balanced card (627)
didnt go... scare kana poison.. 
I tried tried party cable and still went back to get 000 cable... somehow i feel fitear cable suit their IEM CIEM better.
901S + balanced vs paw gold..
Yes it's about preference..
I compared both before too with TG334.. Prefer hm901s for the spacious and more enjoyable sound.
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