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I compared the LPG with my hm901s and still very much prefer hm901s. LPG sound slightly muddier and too clinical to me. However it is more dynamic then hm901s and has more raw power. In the end Its all abt sound preferences.. Hm901s is much cheaper plus the different amp cards is like different DAP each time u try a new card. Yes the mini box gold card is the closest SQ with LPG. The balanced card is the one with the best 3D spacious Soundstage I heard. All my comparison...
Getting mine zs3 anytime soon.. Can't wait to listen to them
Up up cheers
Dr xin? From what I know balancd card if run single ended is sound same as Iem card cause only half of the components in the amp card used. I comparing balanced out with single ended out using balanced card now.. After burning in the circuit then would share mine findings.
Congrats.. Tg334 very fun nicest sounding iem
Price neg
This is a brand new piece Fitear 006B 3.5mm balanced cable.  Price include paypal charges and registered mail to yr place. For Hifiman balanced music players (HM-901 and more) Sony NW-ZX2 and other balanced Sony players Geek Wave, Geek Out V2, Geek Out V2+, and other balanced Light Harmonic Geek gear Oppo PM-3 balanced earcup connection Customized players like Red Wine Audio RWAK240 and RWAK380 and MZAK240 JH JH3A digital connection
    FIrst listening is quite good but still not as spacious as cable 000 SE... will let the cable warm up for few week then give impressions.
I ordered the 006b balanced cable for hm901s. Going to compare it with my existing 000 cable(SE) costing 3x more. Which one do u guys think is better? Will reveal my own opinions after I got the 006B balanced
Anyone tried the 006b balanced cable? How it compare to 001 or 000 cable?
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