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I am currently using those made in China golden battery 4500mah and can get abt 12hrs play time too.
i would loves to help u but i am in singapore LOL
Just tried 2.1.5 L3 which is supposed to be same as 2.1.5 L2 (which i dun like previously) because many many prefer 2.1.5 L2... After listening to 2 tracks (which i am super super familiar with)  revert back to 2.10 Int fast by lurker.. still cant stand the 3D and tight congested sound.... 2.1.5 dun seen to pair well with TG334.. LOL..  
if u have been searching deep enough...  a helpful forumer already posted a solution..
Same taste. I listen to all sorts of junks and greatly appreciate 2.1 tried all versions of 2.1.5 doesn't like it.
Just try l2 firmware.. Dun like the 3d sound. Revert back to 2.1.
Download but yet to try.. If what lurker said means all 2.1.5 version should sound same?
Thanks for informing and thanks lurker again for the hard work
Trying 2.1.5 lurker this few days.. Can't stand the fake 3d presentation. And too much siblance on the high. Btw m using TG334 . going back to 2.1 lurker.
Remember to delete away the image file inside the internal storage after flashing. Cause I did encounter bugs when I didn't remove it.
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