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so compression i set to level 0... the lowest to obtain the best SQ?
I using audiogate didn't see where to set compress or uncompress flac
i think i can conclude my skipping for wav 24bit file is due to very low space in my memory card... after i done recopy again no skipping... trying to compare wav vs flac... wav does sound more smoother except no tagging... going to rip to flac 24bit instead
althought reboot there is a playlist file inside the m3u folder inside internal memory? mine has and i need to go directory mode to click the file to import the playlist file
Anyone has skipping problem with 24bit 192khz wav? I have 1 album having this problem..using 2.2.0L. Convert to 24bit 192 flac no skipping
I tried windowsX firmware and do not like it.. Sound seem more shallow and soundstage compress. Could be due to the Iem I m using... Still like to thank him for sharing his works.
Less songs also reboot
Thanks again lurker... Isst it hard to implement track no?
I see the Size of the new firmware and immediately I got a feeling ibasso removes many unwanted services like what lurker has done.. And after reading lurker post affirm my feeling.. Thanks to the hardwork from lurker and ibasso.. Dx90 never sound so good before.
I m thinking to convert all my wav n cue album to flac just for 2.1.8... Is dbpoweramp the best out there?
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