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i solve the isolation problem with this Yes you cant insert the JVC too deep into ear canal will mess up the sound. THats why some JVC user got worst result.
I use t500. I remove the plastic stem inside. But u should get those more rounded one and wo plastic stem inside one.
Guys actually I did try the default silicon tips from fitear. The bore diameter is larger then this jvc tips but the stem is shorter and no spiral tips so it position the drivers closer into the ear canal and mess up the sound. After trying so many tips TG334 cannot be insert into ear canal too deep in.
Just received the jvc spiral dot tips for my tg334 and I would say this is the best tips for the Iem. I insert comply foam tips into the Jvc tips to enhance the isolation and they Sound so wonderful perfect.
Got my JVC spiral dot tips days ago and yes it is the best sounding tips for me so far...
Where u bought the Samsung 3000mah?
yes the 000 cable is heavenly matched with TG334
nope if i get the extended cover i cant use the silicon case... 
Golden 5100mah battery finally arrives..    
heaven matched.......i am using DX90 with TG334... previously DX50..before that the X3.. 
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