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Both balanced and minibox gold should improve in term of SQ. I do not have minibox gold but listened to it before.. It sound quite like paw gold but less digital and aggressive. It sound muddy compared to balanced card. Thus I prefer balanced card and since got my TG334 balanced no looking back. Balanced sound the best of all that's IMHO.
Try both yrself.. But if u intend to run balanced in future the balanced card is the best.
Dx200 vs HM901s pls
bro able to compare with the HM901S.. thanks
bro can u compare with HM901S with balanced card 
Paul may i know what is the OPsamp used in the default module?
Anyone has HM901s to compare?
.......... Still for sale
Anyone have DX200 compare with HM901S balanced out??
U dun need the cradle to charge the battery u can plug the cable straight to yr player see does it work.. If not yr charger adapter is gone.
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