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Nice to see the thread resurrected!
If you try it, please let me know your impressions. As a quick comparision to the standard Grado pads, in Brothers in Arms, track Brothers in Arms, there is a quiet guitar riff and bass about 30 sec. into the track. With the standard L Pads, the guitar is there and the bass can be heard, but with the modded G pads, I can distinctly hear the pluck of the strings of the bass (I think it's a Bass). Plus, there is so much more air and seperation! ALSO, this tames the Highs....
Ok you asked, but it's not pretty (but they sound great)Basically, i cut off the denser foam at the outer edge.
OK, not sure if this is this is the appropriate thread, or if this should go to Grado mods.  I've always felt that my RS-1s should not only sound better, but be more comfortable to wear. I've been experimenting with using the G-cush earpads, but like other have found, much of the bass disappears when these are used.  I think I've come up with a solution, but massacring a pair of $45 cushions haven't been fun.  I think I'll get a pair of the Ear Zonk "Knockoffs" just  for...
PM sent
If anyone coming has a set of Grado bowl G cushs I can borrow while there, I'd like to A/B them with a set I modded for my RS1s.  I'd like to see (hear) if the changes I made actually made a difference. Thnks!
Any idea if the Bus Power will be available in the US?  Looks like the perfect solution for my HiFace.
OK, I just did a search on the entire site, but didn't get a hit. I can't believe I'm the only person who has tried to trim down a pair of G Cush pads for RS1is?  I took about of a 1/4" off the dense foam at the inner edge to bring the drivers closer in.  Sound is close to the C Cush with much more comfort and better sound stage.  Am I the only idiot to risk messing up $45 set of pads? RS1s now sound & feel a lot more like my T1s.  Anyone?
Yes, normal.  Enjoy!
The big bowls that come standard on the GS & PS 1000.  I'd say, if you are going to try to modify them, be sure to trim a little at a time and try them till you like the sound.  You have to cut them, as I found sanding didn't do much.
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