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Fischer Audio FA-003. Fantastic isolation and a very transparent sound.
  I thought the Denon was more a semi open head phone. I think the headroom charts will show the isloation is not great compared to e.g. the AKG 271.   Have you considered the Fischer Audio FA-003?  
Service manual can be found here
  The resonances in mine  were at 450Hz: AKG K701 resonance problem  
Interesting posts about dampening the resonances. I returned a pair of k701s after 9 mponths due to resonance problems. In hindsight I could have dampened them (I tried opening them but did not know how to remove the grills). Anyway the replacement pair don't suffer this problem but I will still consider dampening them.
Fischer Audio FA-003 meets all your criteria. I just got a pair and they complement my AKG k701 perfectly.
I noticed the same thing. I thought my head was changing but noticed the dents appeared only after using the headphones and went away in a day or two. The 701 appreciation thread has some simple headband mods.
Fischer Audio FA-003 - see the thread here.
When listening to my k701s, occasionally I get a buzz from the right channel. I ran a sine wave sweep and found it to occur around 450Hz. I can dampen or stop it by pressuring the case firmly so I don't think it's the driver. Has anyone encountered this or have knowledge of what the likely cause might be? Otherwise I'll have to send them for repair under warranty.
A very easy and cheap mod which greatly improved my enjoyment of the k701 (reduced the 7-8kHz peak): http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/akg...others-411268/
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