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If you get a chance, I'm curious if the balanced amp is intended to offer higher sound quality for all phones, or simply more power for the HE6/K1000 crowd?
Does anyone know about the flagship head amp? Is it a real product in development or just a silly rumor?
Does anyone know about this? I backed the balanced IEM and SS HPA, but can I use them together? Would be really lame if I couldnt.
I'm still interested in the Audience Ones despite having the KEF's. They are intended for slightly different things though. I think the Ones are designed for near field and have lower power handling. The KEF's can easily be used for medium and far field listening in bigger spaces. The KEF's seem to sound best at medium volume. Im theorizing the Ones might do better at low volume. All a matter of your space and sonic priorities.
Picked up a pair of these KEF's while I wait for a more expensive speaker to be made.  First day I was ready to send them back.  The first 15 hours they sounded thin, bright, and lacked dynamic contrast.   Well after tweaking the setup a bit (still only 20 hours on them), they are starting to sound much better.  I would say that they need to be kept away from walls and other reflecting furniture/gear.  Due to the small woofer, the dispersion pattern will be fairly wide...
Time for me to downsize some of my gear.  Up for sale is a very gently used Yamaha A-S2000 from a smoke-free house.  This is an integrated stereo amp with phono stage and built-in headphone amp.  Solid as a tank, sounds like a dream, and quite nice looking as well.  You will notice there's a small scrape on the lower left corner of the front panel.  Other than that, the amp is mint. Amp will ship in it's original packaging and includes all original accessories. $1150...
Interested in this Oppo phone, but already have the Audeze LCD-2.2 so I'm not sure if its really worth the expense.   Do they use the same cable connectors?  Will an aftermarket Audeze cable work with these?
Justin, Any plans for the custom tip group buy once units are shipping on a regular basis?
Bummer! Was any reason given for the delay? I think a custom tip group buy is a great idea though. I want!
Does anyone know if the new SR-002/SR-003mkii has the same type of tip attachment as the original? I would want the Starkey custom tips but they are made for the last gen so I want to make sure they would work fine on the new model too. Also, it would be interesting for experienced Stax users to listen to the SR-003 Mkii on the same amps they use for their fullsize Stax. Eliminating variables for scientific purposes and all that...
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