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Yes, it's a good thing for a portable. Though I usually use IEM for that task. I hadn't listened to the DT1350 for a while when I got the DT 1770, which seemed quite bassy when I first got it. Then I tried my DT 1350 to campare and was suprised how bassy they where even com,pared to my "Bassy: DT 1770s. But yes that's a good trait in a portable to be used outdoors.
 I enjoy my DT1770 also, but it hasn't superseded my HE500. Is it just me or does the DT1350 have more bass then even the DT1770?
I've used an application called EqualizerAPO. It is a system wide equalizer that really good. More info here: https://sourceforge.net/p/equalizerapo/wiki/Documentation/
Have you played with turning Dolby on and off. For me it makes a HUGE difference. My observations: IEMs:Dolby Atmos seems to make it a little louder with a little more dynamics/punchier bass. This applys to both my on device music through Goodle Play Music or Spotify/Pandora. Headphonesmusic player = more volume and better dynamics/punchier bass with Dolby off. It's very noticeable.Spotify and Pandora = sounds a little louder and punchier with dolby on (the difference is...
Try both. I found that variable allowed me to get even greater volume than fixed. So apparently, at least in my case, doesn't seem to output at max. Sadly i just built a new PC and my NFB-11 drivers fail to install. So I'm currently stuck without my NFB-11 (HELP!!!!!).
Thanks... I picked it up used on these forums. I was directed to this link and told to install version 2, , so apparently August 14th 2014: http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/USB32/USB32EN.htm It was working fine on my laptop until I moved to my new build.
Having a problem I'm hoppeing someone can give me some insight.   Have a 2014 NFB-11 (with the 2015 35w PSU upgrade). It's been running fine on my Laptop that was upgaded to windows 10 without issue for months. I just built a new PC running Windows 10 Pro and the drivers fail to install and I can't seem to get it to install.   Anyone run into this issue? salutations?
I haven't noticed any difference from stock to EarMax cable. The Generic one did seem to loose a little Audio quality relative to the others.
 Just tried with my SE530, my most sensitive IEM and I can't hear any hiss. Also I have to update by oservations from above regarding Dolby Atmos. It a different story using IEMs vs full size headphones.
Well I say this under the assumption that most of us can't wear open back headphone at work. If that's not you, great. Not to mention my relic was specific to use from the Axon 7. I mean, I think it drive some of my big boy headphones pretty well, but not as well as my bigger rig. I'd rather use something meant to be portable and easier to drive with the Axon 7.Of course wear open headphone in public, like out on a bus or train in the presence of others, I would find a bit...
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