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Quick Google search and:http://pro.ultimateears.com/adjustable-ambientThough I don't remembering hearing any hiding with my Shures.
With my phone that how I usually use mine. Though with my Axon 7 I don't need an external DAC/AMP on the go that is even more convenient.
Great! It's nice when you don't have to buy new cables.
   I assume you using the larger USB A of the E5 into the Micro USB of your phone. In this case it will always charge you phone as this is a spec implemented by Google, I believe, and the E5 has no option. It been said that they have trying to get that changed but apparently nothing has happened so far. This has been mentioned before in this forum. So creative can do nothing about it at this point via firmware or otherwise. If you use the Micro USB to Micro USB connection...
They have a contact email listed on their page for ordering (I believe the e-mail mentioned above). Then they will get back to you telling what to do. I ended up buying mine from the for sale forum.
I e-mailed Audio-GD and they advised me to point the install to a specific sub-folder and the Visa64 driver and that solved my install issue. Apparently if I just pointed it to the main folder it would try to install an incorrect driver. I'm glad too, I was consider reinstalling windows to try and fix my issue. Thanks for the assist, luckily Audio-GD came though with an assist a few weeks back.
If you not into expensive cables, I've been happy with this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Upgrade-Replacement-OFC-Cable-For-AKG-K240-K271-K702-K712-HDJ-2000-Headphone-/311431482868?var=&hash=item0
I've found the Tesla driver used in the DT1770 seen to be very efficient and can be driven pretty loud for a 250 ohms headphone.
My only issue is it become uncomfortable and hurt my ears  after 30 to 45 minutes. I intend to replace the earpads with some Beyerdynamic replacement ones, but have yet to do that.  Did you try the replacement earpads. Other say it fixes the comfort issues, even though the size of the pads is only slightly larger. Still I will eventually give it a try and find out for my self.
Yes, it's a good thing for a portable. Though I usually use IEM for that task. I hadn't listened to the DT1350 for a while when I got the DT 1770, which seemed quite bassy when I first got it. Then I tried my DT 1350 to campare and was suprised how bassy they where even com,pared to my "Bassy: DT 1770s. But yes that's a good trait in a portable to be used outdoors.
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