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Agreed.I've heardthe C5D described as neutral with a touch of warmness. I think that's about right.
Thanks... Just got this today and am happy to report it works both with my Nexus 6P and LG G5. The Anker Micro USB to SUB-C adapter from amazon did not work.
I found it NFB-11 could be a touch bright with my HE-500s. After a little while I got accustomed to the brew sound and it no longer seems do bright. I got a Project Polaris hoping to tame the highs a tad. I usually have a hard time telling a difference (though on some songs a can tell the highs are a touch less harsh).Give it a little time beefier you decide.
Thanks, my Google-fu was apparently weak. Now to find out is they will work as OTG.
Thanks so much for the reply. If there isn't a mini USB to USB-C cable I'll just use the Sound Blaster E5 via BT and avoid freadealing with clunky USB A thing, if this doesn't do the trick:http://www.amazon.com/Anker-Adapter-Converts-Resistor-ChromeBook/dp/B01AHKYIRS?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00
Now that I have a new device (phone) with the new USB type C connector, is there a way to make this work with my C5D?   I have a Micro USB to USB-C adapter coming, but my understanding is the USB OTG in not in the USB-C standard. So I;m guessing this may bot be a solution.   Anyone have any knowledge on this issue.   BTW the USB-C and quick charge 3.0 on my G5 is super fast at charging.
After a little reading and research I concluded Garage1217 was the better way to go also. Though I went with their SS option the Project Polaris.
Well I think I'dof you drive most DAC/AMPS loud enough, highs will probably become irritating. I don't good it to be an issue in my listing.I don't have any experience with the Mojo, but it's about 3x the price and highly regarded. I would imagine it's in a different league. Personally I think telling the difference in most of these amps involves at least a little expectation bias.I'm hard press to find any major difference between my E5, C5D, NFB-11 and project Polaris...
I do notice some distortion at higher volumes, but only on very hard to drive (power hungry) headphones like my HE-500. I'm actually surprised how well it can run the HE-500s. Baking off just a bit and the E5 makes my HE-500 sound very good, much better than I ever expected.This is not an issue with most your average easier to drive headphones.
No, I don't think the Beyerdynamic peak is there I'm the DT 1770, which is one of the reasons I got the DT 1770. I think it's a fairly well balanced headphone with a kick in the bass department.
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