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In the previous page I mention having issues getting the NFB-11 to work with my new windows 10 build. I emailed Audio-GD who advised me to go into the driver folder and install the Vista drivers and that worked for me.Hope that helps.
When I first got my DT1770 I thought they where bass cannons, so much base. Now they seem normal. Over just gotten used to their sound, I believe.
Sorry, the E5 is recieve only. It can transmit to BT headphones.
Wait are you looking for a Micro USB to Micro USB (like the original post) or a Micro USB to lightning cable?  I've used thoise right angle cables from ebay and they worked fine with my DAC/AMP and phone. I bought 2 to 3 at a time because I kept dropping my phone the the DAC/AMP attached and eventually the cable would not keep a soild connection, but that was my fault.
I've gotten a few from eBay. I think the one I got there three inches, but there are various lengths. I also got then with angled connections, which I think is better for use with a DAC/AMP.
I don't have the V10 but do have the G5. Axon 7 great phone at a very good price point:Better DAC/AMP for headphonesBetter display AMOLED 5.5" (the G5 is a bit too cool, blueish tint to my eyes and my Nexus 6P is a bit to warm, brownish to my eyes)Better build feels more premiumGoogle Daydream VR ready (?) G5 dispite the hate I think it's a very good device:Better camera (the reason I still own it). Unless the camera is of utmost importance to you I'd go with the Axon 7.
Quick Google search and:http://pro.ultimateears.com/adjustable-ambientThough I don't remembering hearing any hiding with my Shures.
With my phone that how I usually use mine. Though with my Axon 7 I don't need an external DAC/AMP on the go that is even more convenient.
Great! It's nice when you don't have to buy new cables.
   I assume you using the larger USB A of the E5 into the Micro USB of your phone. In this case it will always charge you phone as this is a spec implemented by Google, I believe, and the E5 has no option. It been said that they have trying to get that changed but apparently nothing has happened so far. This has been mentioned before in this forum. So creative can do nothing about it at this point via firmware or otherwise. If you use the Micro USB to Micro USB connection...
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