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I think it would be more correct to say, "closed headphone will give you far MORE bass response.”Closed cans will generally give you more bass response, but that doesn't necessarily mean better (quality).I have closed headphone that deliver more base in terms of quantity, but there is something special about the HE-500 that I greatly enjoy (so clean and tight).I wouldn't mind if I could get a littler more bass (quantity) from the 500, but I still enjoy them more than my...
Excellent, so next time someone looks at me crazy for owning 11 and point at you ;)
 Good to see I'm not the only one that has multiple headphones. I 11 (crazy really), but don't have anything by Audeze (though The Sine is on my short list).
 My apologies, seems your correct. Last night (or EARLY this morning, really) I thought it read a little different. I thought somewhere in there it said they pretty much the same and neither was better (or something along those lines). The 400i sounds very good but when heard back to back, I much prefer the 500.
I don't think it's the E5. I think it an issue with some Samsung devices. My note 3 work fine with the E5 and C5d, however my Note 4 does not usually work (it has a times but usually not). It doesn't work with my Samsung Tablet either (Galaxy Tab S2). I believe it has something to do with the way Samsung implements or doesn't implement the feature. The only way I found that it works is by using something like the Hiby music app where the app provides the necessary...
I have to disagree, I own both and find the HE-500 to have superior mids and vocals. To me the 500 is an overall better sounding because of this. The 400I is lighter more comfortable and folks flat, do it had its advantages when taking it on trips. I hope to get around to missing my 500s with the 400I headband at some point.
I have the HE-400i and the HE-500. The 500s get noticeable distortion in the especially at higher volumes. It handles the 400i much better, and is enjoyable. I can't speak to the HE-X.
I've been running Windows 10 even before I got the NFB-11. I don't remember the install steps, but it works fine for me.
I have the E5 and it runs just about all my headphones fine. It's a little on the warm side and sounds pretty good to me. At fairly high volume levels some, including the DT 1770 will start to distort a bit, but that's at a volume to loud for me to comfortable listen. The only headphone I have that it can't drive well ad my listen level are the HE-500. I love the BT feature and use the E5 mainly for IEMs and on the go or travel. At home  when I use my headphones I use my...
Agreed.I've heardthe C5D described as neutral with a touch of warmness. I think that's about right.
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