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Let me know what you think once it arrives. It will another 3 weeks or so for me.
Well, after nearly ordering the M1060 I'm glad I held off to get a feel for the reviews. I instead ordered the Mod House Audio Argons. I'm still very interested, but am considering the M560 and maybe waiting for the 3rd batch of M1060.   It will be interesting to see what changes/update Monoprice implements to fix the early issues. I'm confident it will be resolved.
I have an NFB-11 and use the outputs to feed a Garage1217 Project Polaris AMP. SETTING THE NFB-11 to variable allowed me to crank the volume on both the NFB-11 AND THE Project Polaris as I see fit. I usually listen to my NFB-11 at between 10 and 12 o'clock, but I can crank it all the way without dying, but add the Project Polaris and it get louder than I can bare. It will make you head explode!
I personally don't like the form factor. I do have a sound blaster e5 and though I think my JDS Labs C5 sounded a bit cleaner I kept the E5 as it was really close and was much more versatile. My NFB-11 get the most use though.
Thanks, luckily I have no issues driving them with my NFB-11 DAC/AMP or Project Polaris AMP. Comfort alone won't motivate me to buy these.
Thanks, you may have saved me $300. Maybe I'll chase one of those headphones I sold and miss.
OK, after having to sell much of my headphone collection in recent month and just closing my business. I'm considering to M1060 as a pick me up as I mess my other headphones (HE-400i, Fidelio X2, HE-400, HD 600, DT 1350, DT 770 80 ohms, K712).   I still have my HE-500 (also HD 598 SE and DT 1770) and wondering if the M1060 offers something over the HE-500? CAn anyone comment?
Glad I could help.
Great, glad I could help.
I guess to didn't read after that post. Basically Audio-GD told me to use the vista64 drivers. Go to device manager shoose the Audio-GD device and point to this folder during install. Audio-gdUSB32driverversion>viaudusb>driver>Vista64 That worked for me. I hope it fixes your issue too.
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