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Glad I could help.
Great, glad I could help.
I guess to didn't read after that post. Basically Audio-GD told me to use the vista64 drivers. Go to device manager shoose the Audio-GD device and point to this folder during install. Audio-gdUSB32driverversion>viaudusb>driver>Vista64 That worked for me. I hope it fixes your issue too.
In the previous page I mention having issues getting the NFB-11 to work with my new windows 10 build. I emailed Audio-GD who advised me to go into the driver folder and install the Vista drivers and that worked for me.Hope that helps.
When I first got my DT1770 I thought they where bass cannons, so much base. Now they seem normal. Over just gotten used to their sound, I believe.
Sorry, the E5 is recieve only. It can transmit to BT headphones.
Wait are you looking for a Micro USB to Micro USB (like the original post) or a Micro USB to lightning cable?  I've used thoise right angle cables from ebay and they worked fine with my DAC/AMP and phone. I bought 2 to 3 at a time because I kept dropping my phone the the DAC/AMP attached and eventually the cable would not keep a soild connection, but that was my fault.
I've gotten a few from eBay. I think the one I got there three inches, but there are various lengths. I also got then with angled connections, which I think is better for use with a DAC/AMP.
I don't have the V10 but do have the G5. Axon 7 great phone at a very good price point:Better DAC/AMP for headphonesBetter display AMOLED 5.5" (the G5 is a bit too cool, blueish tint to my eyes and my Nexus 6P is a bit to warm, brownish to my eyes)Better build feels more premiumGoogle Daydream VR ready (?) G5 dispite the hate I think it's a very good device:Better camera (the reason I still own it). Unless the camera is of utmost importance to you I'd go with the Axon 7.
Quick Google search and:http://pro.ultimateears.com/adjustable-ambientThough I don't remembering hearing any hiding with my Shures.
New Posts  All Forums: