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Price dropped to $30 shipped (USA only).
Still for sale...   Now $30 shipped (US only)
SOLD!!!!!!!!!!   Out of work now and selling off some stuff.   Got these in December 2010 (Merry Christmas to me). But I need cash now so these are for sale.   $30 shipped (USA). Paypal please.   I'll see if I can get some pics up on photobucket once I get a camera.
I would also add that the 560 would logically be a lower level product than the 710. I can't compare but I would assume them to be a downgrade, but also less expensive.  
microphonics  is just as he stated... The sound of the cables rubbing againt you or moving around. The sound travels up the cable and you can hear it in you head. Kind of like when you plug you ears and grind you teeth or swallow... you can hear it.   It annoying to most. Some headphones are worse than other when it comes to microphonics .
I can't caompare the Denon 560 to the Denon 710, but in the last week got both the Denon 560 and the Klipsch S4. I personally prefer the Denon's. They just have an over all better sound to my ears. Of course these are both new nad have not been burned in, so thinkgs could change. Over the past few days I still prefer the Denond. Not to mention the Denons are built tough.   I agree with the above post, the Denons do seem to have more bass.  
I plan on having my aging SE530 re shelled and rewired my UM in the coming year. They sound to good to let sit around.  
 Well, I know some are fear ebay for high end IEMs.... But a couple of year ago I picked up my Shure SE530s on ebay for about $280. Just made sure it was a reputable sell with good feed back. I've been very happy with them... they sound great!  You may find some SE530 for a price that's close to you budget.   A few days ago I picked up some Klipsch S4s ($80 @ Best Buy) amd some Denon AH-C560Rs ($50 on sale @ Best Buy usually $99.99). The S4s sound good but not in the...
My local Best Buy had the Denon AH-C560R on sale for $49.99. I looked them up on my phone and say them online selling for between $95 - $99. There were not many reviews online, but I took a chance and picked up a pair as a Christmas present for my niece and one for me. I have to tell you they sounded really good especially got the price.   The other day I picked up some Klipsch Image S4 based on the revies I read. The did sound pretty good, but I think the Denon's...
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