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You know, you're absolutely right. I completely forgot about the horribly V-Shaped frequency response curve of the ER4S (which is what I use 98% of the time.)   I can appreciate 'diversification' IN EAR/HEADPHONES. However, I think most would agree that an ideal source would be linear. A non-linear source just points out the weaknesses of non-linear headphones even more.   Not to mention, all 5 of the headphones, plus the source(s) listed in my sig combined still cost a...
  Not sure what you're getting at, but it looks like you pay more attention to my sig than I do. Am I supposed to have 4000 different headphones/iems listed in my sig to be considered 'cool' around here? I can assure you, my ears have heard at least 75-80% of the stuff that's out there. I feel little need to point that out in my sig (which probably hasnt been updated in a good year or two.)    
So a good reason to buy the hifiman is 'diversification?' Is that the latest reason these 'audiophiles' invented to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a terribly mediocre, brick of a player? I guess things like linear frequency response & usability aren't important anymore?   This forum is becoming such a joke...
If you read on this forum that the etys hiss w/ a Fiio, it's likely from a person that's never used a Fiio w/ ER4. I use an E7 w/ my ER4-S and it sounds excellent. No hiss to be heard.    Lots of people on this board bash Fiio due to the low prices. It's usually an effort to justify their spending $500 on a portable amp. 
when you prefer not to be called an "audiophile"
The company is definitely starting to dominate this market. Just take this forum for example; every other thread is about a Fiio product. Maybe the increased competition will help to lower the obscene prices some other manufacturers charge for portable amps.
I scored a pair of MX880s off amazon for $50 and they're honestly the best value I've found in quality earbuds. Sound quality is superior to the PK1s imho. I did give the MX980s a try, and really only noticed a small sonic improvement over the MX880s, but that may very well be due to the fact that the 980s were a tad too large for a proper fit. The MX880s push the limit in that regard & just barely fit, but the 980s were over the edge.    They're not the most...
I'm sure the concept of the thread seemed like a good idea in your head, but I just don't get the point. Everyone's favorite would equate to the high-priced luxury/sports cars, while the least favorite would equate to the cheap, subcompact piece of crap cars.
Wow, I can't believe you're saying a few positive things about an Apple product. You're not quitting abi, are you?   kidding :) I love the "crippled horse-dung" analogy. 
I was speaking for the ER4S model, not the ER4P. I'm very well aware of the differences of the HF5's & ER4's. I've had all 3 models. The higher impedance 'S' model is much better w/ detail than the 'P' model.    And I'm not saying full-size cans cant be fast; I'm just saying the etys can easily compete with them on that level. 
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