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SPC's increased resolution really does wonders on Frank Sinatra & Lou Rawls, perfect obsolete SQ for my obsolete tastes in music lol
Humm indeed SPC does help Mimby's shy trebles, this cable does sound quite good especially resolution-wise:
 As much as I love USB magic boxes, the best sound I get is with a 10cm USB cable as reclockers tend to color/shrink Mimby's SS IME......Mimby delivers indeed, and then some.
Looking forward the next logical 90 days warranty term change    but truth is the MMCX connectors will have to go so this would void warranty anyway.
Interesting, HE400's bass disappeared with its sides covered. More bass, eh? Anyway, I'll wait for ortho ninjas to pimp it with felt screens and what-not but I want better connectors than bs MMCX anyway  Yet another fubar Onkyo MMCX connector: 
 Because unmodded = not worth listening to, that simple   And anyway it's only a matter of time before Nick N. will order one and pimp the hell out of it, he certainly won't resist much longer eh  
 OK thanks, and going closed can't work? If you cover both cups sides bass and SS disappear?
Humm, Shirley Bassey sounds pretty wtf on Mimby 
How's the isolation from outside noise please? Computer fans for instance?
Onkyo also went MMCX on their ES-FC300 / CTI300 models and ebay is constantly swamped with broken connectors, basically the center pin breaks and that's all folks......terrible choice not to go 2.5mm minijack    Anyway, the big miracle didn't quite occur as it would appear.
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