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The T50RP driver is pretty bleh anyway IMHO, everybody's cashing like crazy coz it costs $100 and some ppl appear to be willing to pay fortunes to have it modded with angel dust.   So any yamie head got to hear the Oppo PM3?   PS: Oh hehe, T50RP started at $75, then $100 a few months ago and now $130 apparently? Keep the hype up, it'll be $200 by the end of the year:
Nevermind, the HM5 is an OEM phone several other companies also sell and some of them still provide the original non-MF earpads as spare parts.   Apparently mp4nation has decided to push the MF ones, I guess they don't want the business of those who care for bass more than comfort     One of them provides them angled but this would also kill bass I guess.
It's really a darn shame that the non-MF ones were discontinued as these are too thick to deliver the same bass response IME, unbelievable
anyone's got a spare YH100 for sale/trade? I don't care about condition as long as the drivers are fine, the stock shell is of no concern to me.
So how do these sound compared to pimped yamies? Any vintage ortho lover reading this? YH100/PM3 shoot-out please?   The HE400 was a total train wreck to my ears for that matter ^^   Anyone rehoused its drivers into wooden cups yet?
Hi there, my old feedback thread is visible at   Seeking a stock 1/4" jack Audeze cable, I'll cut both mini-XLR's so I couldn't care less if they're not locking properly but I do need the cable itself to be in pristine condition. Please be so kind as to PM offers shipped within CONUS
 no VST plugin support and headphones require EQ in order to sound neutral: uLilith outshines foobar by a long shot on my rig, which makes KS sound harsh and WASAPI/ASIO flabby compared to the former IME. And again it supports automatic VST latency compensation allowing the use of TOTL Linear Phase EQ's, no other player supports this AFAIK.
 When I mentioned that WaveIO wasn't detected through Wyrd, its designer told me: Long story short, most USB PSU's on the market simply replace the +5V bus power line in a somewhat dirty way but Wyrd uses a USB repeater chip...which wouldn't appear to be 100% transparent in all cases. Either you get proper reclocking or you get nothing.  Their tech support told me that I got a slightly noisy tranny and that this is as good as it's gonna get, they prolly get them for dirt...
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