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 Sure thing! Anyone knows whether the HM5 pads would fit the RP18?
I didn't hear this one yet, darn OCD
Payment sent
It's essentially a hobby as it's a lot of fun to solder chips onto an adapter, pop them in and hear how things go. The only modifications non-DIY people can try is roll cables and that's it. Once you get the DIY bug, you start soldering/rolling opamps, rehouse+recable headphones drivers into wooden enclosures and so on. One step further is to roll caps but I personally haven't gotten into this (yet ) and another step further is to solder a headamp from scratch.  
 How about wooden mods to those giant caps?
EE's consider blind rollers like us to be plain idiots, just so you know =)   We're playing lego with highly integrated devices whose surrounding circuit is supposed to have been custom designed for to why they sound different is open for debates, I'm sure MadMax will have beautiful theories to share   Of course some opamps aren't unity gain stable, meaning that they're not PNP by a long shot...AD797, OPA637 and LT1028 come to mind. If you roll them...
 Scott Wurcer(the designer of AD797) made very clear on diyaudio that opamps don't have a sound signature of their own and that blind rollers got it hard.
maybe the cable is the problem? might try something with triple shielding or so.
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