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 Do you plan on fitting all those into the cups of your avatar? Or do you plan on opening a store? Or simply baiting for desperate PM offers?
this link looks like a big con, you can find audeze knock offs on some chinese websites(please don't PM, I won't disclose the links) but these are only photoshopped pics.   it does take rocket science to make ortho drivers AFAIK.
neo orthos are way too heavy anyway and build quality is pretty dang flaky to say the least lol, at least when you got a +40yo vintage one that still works there's a high chance it won't crap out anytime soon......and anyway these are cheapies, I recently had a T20v1 that went +20% resistance on one side for no reason but that hardly was worth a heart attack.   I can only imagine ppl with megabucks neo orthos and only side working out of the blue hah, especially when...
 http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/orthodynamic-roundup/14940#post_6778610  What we got here is someone who prefers veiled oxidized stock cables in order to tame shrill sounding russian knock-off's.  Above a certain amount everything's audiophool and a 0.1% improvement is worth $1K to some.
Right, I present to you the $850 "Audio Magic Ground Disrupter Blue Dot Premiere": http://highend-electronics.com/products/audio-magic-ground-disrupter-blue-dot?variant=953395371 As long as there'll be ppl to buy it, there'll be ppl to sell it
Right, anyways my point was that deoxit only scratched the surface of the improvement you would experience with a new cable let alone at the very least a new gold plated plug. It's really vintage ortho 101 to replace their utterly oxidized stock cable with something new IMO, I've heard what that does numerous times.   I've read some russian ortho lovers prefering the veiled sound of stock cables, each to his own I guess otherwise nobody would be using tubes these days eh...
Even fitting a new DHC plug on a dead stock YH1 made a tremendous improvement in the clarity department, try deoxit'ing the stock plug and become a believer. Actual contact surface is extremely poor with this utterly oxidized plug, less than 5% for sure.
It's all dandy but slapping a cable that hasn't been oxidizing for the last +45 years would prolly tell a different story, at the very very least install a brand new gold plated plug coz to me it's all moot at this point but what matters is that you have fun eh     That's the anti-monocrystal copper approach basically, my 50yo cable and plug got no treble lol
the shortest, breaking the +5V pin whenever possible.
sold somewhere else
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