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Any chance for a 230V version?
Don't you guys find that KS sounds more focused and clearer than any flavor of WASAPI & ASIO? I am well aware that DirectKS is old news and supposedly obsolete in W7 but I'm not the only one who thinks that KS sounds better.
Hey Nick, how is it going? I forgot that all DAC's sound the same, kudos for taking the time to straighten things out once again
 The output stage is what colors the sound the most, LM4562 sounds so colored that its sound is hard to miss IMHO...especially when filtering ES9018. Anyway, to the OP there's only one way to find out  
The DIP8 package is mostly obsolete these days, newer chips only sell as SOIC8.   OPA1641 is "unity gain stable" meaning that there's no chance it'd mess anything up for DAC filtering purposes, this is a far better sounding chip than any cheap DIP8 dual opamp you could find IMHO....of course there's always the NJM Muses opamps family but these cost 50 bucks a pop.
The DAC2 is using a SMPS, an ES9018 DAC, a whole bunch of LM4562 opamps and LME49600 headamp buffers. No rocket science here, you can fairly easily find those chips in cheaper DAC's.
2x OPA1641 soldered onto an adapter would make a perfect choice It's prolly a great DAC if your main hobby is messing with audio circuits, this is semi-DIY at best as far as I can tell and I'd send it back for a refund if I were you.
 A friend of mine has a DAC7, the toslink input was DOA and the CMedia USB board holds with a piece of foam hah:
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