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^ Your document was released in 1979, remember? Anyway, check the K100 brochure and see why they decided to give up on orthos. I am not impressed by the T50RP to the least and it's pretty obvious that the larger the diameter of an ortho driver the "thicker" and more life-like it will sound IME. There's a good reason why the latest russian orthos are 80mm IMO.
 They made very clear in the K1000 brochure currently available on wiki that ortho designs with neo magnets were bound to fail in their opinion due to excessive weight. It's equally clear to me that they were entirely right when I see +500g neo-orthos(and up to 650g lol) without a double headband which would be a major no-go to me, it's only now that they are finally using proper HP1'esque headbands with the HE400i/HE560 duh. OTOH, Oppo prefered to build a highly effective...
there's also a whole bunch of T10 variations with different fonts on the badges.
 Higher grade chips usually behave better when rolled blindly, at least that's the opinion of a few crazy rollers and I would agree.
. huh
The T50RP driver is pretty bleh anyway IMHO, everybody's cashing like crazy coz it costs $100 and some ppl appear to be willing to pay fortunes to have it modded with angel dust.   So any yamie head got to hear the Oppo PM3?   PS: Oh hehe, T50RP started at $75, then $100 a few months ago and now $130 apparently? Keep the hype up, it'll be $200 by the end of the year:
Nevermind, the HM5 is an OEM phone several other companies also sell and some of them still provide the original non-MF earpads as spare parts.   Apparently mp4nation has decided to push the MF ones, I guess they don't want the business of those who care for bass more than comfort     One of them provides them angled but this would also kill bass I guess.
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