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 They used to be available via google but they've officially confirmed me that they are now discontinued, one less option for great sounding cheap earpads  The MF version is thicker so you'd better have pounding bass in excess.
I was hoping that lossless over BT would be possible in 2014 but still no dice apparently indeed. Oh well, one day technology will catch up and our 50yo ortho drivers will go wireless, only a matter of time
Well, I'm not so much into giant phones but using one of those for ortho transplantation purposes would be quite epic:   wireless ortho, yay!
let's hope they'll soon be making reasonably priced cans too
   You are doomed  
Hi there, my old feedback thread is visible at   Selling this USB isolator:   It's using ADuM4160 and ADuM5000, when many/most dongles use the cheaper/weaker ADuM3160 and whatever random DC-to-DC isolator they could find for cheap, which will add major PSU ripple. It was designed under the supervision of ADI and follows all their guidelines, see it as a 4160 eval board on a dongle...
 If you google "hm5 earpad" the old version still shows up for sale. Not sure, the pleather of the MF version is not as soft but the density is really nice especially as it doesn't allow your ears to touch the baffles. Of course it can be a hit or miss depending on the phone as when comparing both versions you'll essentially be trading deep bass and clarity for comfort and SS, so YMMV more than ever. They recently added XB500-style earpads BTW but I think you can get a XB...
any ETA?
 It very much might:
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