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I appreciate the feedback everyone. It's a shame it's so difficult to audition head fi equipment but I've done well by listening to opinions and reviews on this site. I'll comb the threads on DACs to see which should be my next buy. As for the name, I just love Pink Floyd and the name was available so hopefully there isn't a similar named user around here that will get pissed. Thanks all.
Hey all, I currently have Senn HD 650's being amped by LD MK III. I like the sound but the weakest link in my system is definately my source, an ipod line out to the MK III. How much difference in sound would a source upgrade be if I went with something around the price range of a Zero or Beresford TC-7510? Night and day? I'd like to use my computer as a source so if I go with an external DAC how big of a deal is upgrading my soundcard since the one I have is just a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth I'll admit I'm fuzzy today. So I will just type: Huh? Type, moonwalk in the nude, take backhanders from Grado.... I don't give a toss sunshine but please don't try to convince me the RA-1 is value for money.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth we don't want Grado going out of business I just had to come out of enforced retirement to agree with you on that one...... you certainly don't want them going out of business and you don't want to hear the truth.... maybe you already know the truth but the backhanders are something you've come to expect. Back into retirement fast
Wasn't he the grandad in Everbody loves Raymond??? Oh boy, he made me laugh and I am genuinely so so sad to learn he's passed away He was also in a film, IIRC, where an airship was involved (a sort of weird balloon thing) I can't recall the name of the film but I think it had Jane fonda in it? Whatever, it was a film I enjoyed and one of those films I've been looking for for years but can't remember the name of. One great actor with a most distinctive style, I'll miss...
Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh Ive already been using my Father Christmas avatar, so heres another picture. Is that your girlfriend Doug?
Quote: Originally Posted by BRBJackson <- - - How about my festive XMAS tree? Niiiice! Looks like it could do with some water tho
Quote: Originally Posted by Dexdexter Not exactly, PF. Ion ultimately failed in the late '90s but Heed have maintained their close relationship with Richard Hay, who is currently on-board as Consultant Emeritus. And with his help, the New Obelisk, while retaining the basic sonic signature of the original, is more powerful and boasts a more refined preamp section. Sorry, must have got my wires tangled somewhere. I stand corrected.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cuppa Whatever Mike (PinkFloyd)'s view of the sound is - he's fixed it for me. For that, I thank him greatly. I have just hooked up my only phones at present (Shure e4c) and the Heed Canamp does sound better to me (for these phones). I can see what Mike is getting at with the comments on sound, but it's a different presentation rather than a bad presentation. As you have commented, I shall reserve judgement until my Grado...
Yo ho ho! Mine would be:
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