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 I'd like to think that di Resta is better than these rookie mistakes, but it sure looks bad.  After he spun out at Korea, I recalled the pre-race tv commentary (Sky or BBC) where it was asserted that the Silverstone fiasco led to significant changes in the tyre behavior, that caused some teams to benefit (Sauber), and others to founder (Force India).  That Sutil spun out soon afterwards also hints that Force India is struggling rather than just Paul, I hope. This idea is...
Mo-dettes - White Mice.     ...the only thing, THAT'S missing - a 1000cc bike.
Ouch. Phil farking Collins? It's interesting to see that Paul's Boutique only got a so-so production score. I thought the Dust Brothers were the bees' knees in production (sampling) techniques. Also notable is that U2's Zooropa made the list but Achtung Baby didn't. Maybe add that and some Neil Young, and I think that would be good to go with a little funky cold medina.
Vanilla Fudge - Ticket To Ride I mentioned this waaay back and I think it's still true.
I've only heard Four Long Days. It's one of those perfect pop songs.
Reptilia - The Strokes (covered by Howie Beck) I think that the production on Room On Fire hurt some of the songs. I didn't realize how awesome this song is when you strip it down. It's sort of the same mood as set on Gary Jules Mad World cover.
Jeremy Clarkson and friends mentioned the Volvo c30 almost 2 weeks ago, and I think it's dead sexy. Volvo's c30 designer blog mentions that it was designed by a good Canadian kid, so I think that counts as a (North) American design success! I was surprised to see it at the dealer's lot so soon. It's priced similarly to a Volkswagen GTI. Very niiice.
It's been noted here that European cars are more complicated and less reliable than before. Still, I wouldn't mind one of the Volvo c30s - even if it's impossible to rewire for aftermarket stereos, or difficult to repair. It looks pretty cool, especially at the back - quite the profile, and wierd tailgate. Also, even thought the nose is the same on the s40, it just looks better on a hatchback.
I liked the old Mazda 5. It didn't have the best refinement, but it looked good. The last Proteges were fun, but the new Mazda 3 drives like a Taurus, and I can't quite get into the 3 Sport looks.
I don't believe you need an amp for these. I had a pair of the same Grados for ages and listened mostly out of a portable cd player. The sound was big, and the bass was miles better than anything else out of similar devices. I did get a lot of kicks out of the old Creek OBH-11 amp. When used with the appropriate regulated power supply, the sound was clean and tame, but still punchy and involving.
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