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Hi Yes they work good together on an imac   John
Hi Guys  Running a Microstreamer DAC and looking at alternatives to itunes, considering Amarra Sonic Studio, the question is will it play any better quality through the DAC than itunes stand alone, their video demo shows it will, but is that when playing through itunes without a DAC   Many thanks John 
Hi New to high end computer music. Will my Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones be OK with HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC  Thanks John 
Hi. Just reminiscing looking at the new Sennheiser HD 800s. I have at the moment HD 600s hooked to a Sugden Headmaster and like what I hear, But it's 40 years since I purchased a pair of Koss ESP 9 electrostatic phones, I think the price then was £90.00 stirling, I took a bank loan to fund them and thought they where fantastic, they plugged into an energising box that could be plugged into the mains, which I never did. The point of this thread, is there any members...
Hi. I am thinking of buying an ipod and top quality, maybe Shure SE530s, how would they compare to my home rig: Sennheiser 600, Cyrus 8 CD player, Sugden headmaster amp?. Thanks John
Any music lovers who don't tune in on the internet Friday midnight to 3am and Saturday 10.30pm to 1am GMT on BBC Radio 2, try it, the music and presentation are superb.
Please can anyone give me any info on the above phones Cheers Kingprinter
[COLOR=Black]Please help me with a question. If my Cyrus cd player is connected to my Harmon amp which is not really in the same class and my Sugden Headmaster is also wired to the Harmon does the Harmon have any influence over the quality of the sound when listening through my Senns' HD 600s or does the Sugden completly take over.The point I am trying to make is should I upgrade my Harmon to a better amp if the majority of listening is through phones. [COLOR=Black]Many...
Does pulling in and out hp jackplug affect its contact quality undefined
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