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Just curious: How do you all manage to publish big pictures in your posts (my uploads with format .jpg are restricted to 97KB or so - obviously I do something wrong. Thanks for your help.
I like to join. Greetings to everybody. This is my WA3+ (currently under tube rolling test) with Tungsol 5998 from 1963 and the Amperex Bugle Boys from 1959.
Quote: Originally Posted by greggf I remember that the massive Darthnut reviews of the Stax Omega from what, 1999 and then the follow-up around 2003?, mentioned that a new-to-Omega listener had to "give them time" in order to get used to uncolored phones that may sound wrong at first because you've spent a lifetime listening to colored crap........................ This hobby is either deep, layered, nuanced - like the HD800! - or else so full of...
I had and still have Sennheiser HD600s as long as I may remember. Maybe since they are on the market But my HD650s outperform the HD600s. To try (I dont say "to come"): HD800. I use Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones for air travel since they are available, much better then these standard airplane phones they give to you (probably contenders for "worst headphone ever").
Quote: Originally Posted by plonter Just want to ask quick the title say: do i need to give my class A ultra micros a break sometime. i listen to music minimum 8-10 hours a day and sometimes even a whole day without stopping or turning off my gear. is it ok..? I know that amps and especially SS can hold a very long time without a break,but my logic tells me that they can't work forever without being damaged somehow. and what...
It is sold. Went to Great Britain.
As advertised on Ebay for CHF 139.-- Maybe someone is interested. Will ship worldwide, if not in Switzerland pls. ask for international shipping fee. To buy just get it from there. It is broken in 30 hours but apart from that brandnew in the original packaging. Pictures available using the attached link: Cardas Headphone Cable Sennheiser HD650 / HD600 - (endet 15.06.09 11:34:13 MESZ)
And now for something completely different: Found this one on Ebay, sold for about US$ 30.--: A can for the can so to say. ...and yes, this is a headphone amp - solid state, I suppose.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbd2884 Or maybe we all just have personal preferences. Yessir ! ...and I forgot to mention to correspond to this threads title: To me it was not the headphone that was the expensive part, but the amp and the tubes (you need lots of those for rolling ) and the cables. The Senns I got at a mere CHF 380.-- (at the current exchange rate this is approx. the same in $).
Quote: Originally Posted by vvanrij I prefer the 650 over the 600, but that is because I also use it to produce electronica music on them. I do not listen to any electronica music, but prefer jazz, folk, classical. The 650 then is still better to me than the 600 (I do own both). The veil that some people are reporting is simply not existing using a Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable. The 650 is as open as it can get for a dynamic headphone with my Woo...
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