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Having used both in my WA3+, I prefer the 5998 despite - as it was stated somewhere here - the 7236 providing a slightly tighter bass. The 5998 however provides more depth. To my experience it depends on the other tubes in your WA3+. Are they more on the "tubey" side (like Amperex Bugle Boys for example) go for the 7236, if they are already "tight" (in lack of a better word to describe a subjective feeling of the sound characteristics) go for the 5998. You cannot fail if...
This does the trick - at least for me:   5998 Tungsol 1963 with 2 Philips ECC88 Holland "A" frame getter 1975   to be had at tubeworld.com  
No wonder - the 6AS7G is most likely to hum - as said before. As for the Amperex - these are fine - but I guess best paired with a 7236. However I would suggest to go for a 5998 and pair it with a more firm sounding tube unlike the Amperex (I had Bugle Boys in the shootout and they would do just too much if paired with a 5998). This will give you a balance between sound definition and airyness. Pls just have a look at the extensive evaluation I made earlier in this thread...
Hum with a brand new WA3 is most likely caused by the stock 6AS7GA tube. Get a 5998 instead. Maybe you would like to read through some passages at the beginning of this thread, where my experience with a brandnew WA3 is described (hence the name "WOO Audio 3+ experience )  - you will find some info on "smooth sound" as well. Good luck and have fun with it.  
So let it bloom..... Cannot detect anything wrong with the WA3 (WA3+) sound. I once auditioned a Lehmann Black Cube Linear - praised for its compatability with the Senn HD800. I prefer my (tubey ?) Woo.
I did not audition a Darkvoice - but I may say that the WA3 (former WA3+) is wonderful with the HD650s, provided you use the right tubes. I do not know if this may be of any help but surely you do nothing wrong using one. I learned from this forum though, that a WA2 might be considered as well - provided you have the budget for it and are willing to roll a little bit more of those tubes - which I may not emphasize enough. I use a moon audio replacement cable for the Senn...
The WA3+ is now renamed WA3. There is now a "preamp" option available with the WA3.   I think that all official mods are explained on the Woo Audio Website, as are the characteristics of the models itself. Above that some threads here help. So many to choose from.   Finally I think that tube rolling is definitely a "mod" by itself. It has great influence on the sound. Tube rolling threads are abundant in this forum as well.
No doubt that the Tungsol 7236 is really good if paired correctly. Although I did not try the Miniwatt, I may imagine from what I have heard that those are a good match. If you are then saying that the Mazda (??) adds some sort of clarity then you should give the 5998 definitely a chance to pair with the Mazda as well - for I predict that it will bring some pleasing touch compared to the 7236 without compromising too much on precision.   You might as well consult...
I am using a Woo Audio WA3+ with my HD  650. However, the important thing here is to use the right tubes. Do not go with the stock tubes, please. I recommend 1 X 5998 Tungsol 1963 and 2 X Philips ECC88 Holland "A" frame getter 1975. I also have exchanged the HD650 stock cable with a Moon Audio Silver Dragon. This is then a combo that is really satisfying. I may sincerely recommend it.
Despite any logical reasoning or technical expertise I would suggest that everybody should just believe ones ears. And they are saying: Warm it up first. Very easy to try and decide for yourself. My big SS amp does need a 2 hour warm up and I think that the Headphone WA3+ does immensely profit from at least 1 if not 2 hours warm up. Although I do not have the slightest idea why - but who cares if it works.
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