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happy new year 
        Just wondering, what does this mean? Does it mean that I must have written at least 3 or more reviews about my own stuff before?   I almost meet the requirements, well except for that number of reviews and the join date by a month.
Great review. I recently bought the Monster Turbine Pro Copper Edition and I agree with most of the review, although I don't think they are overly heavy for portable use. Quote: Originally Posted by project86 INTRO As good as the Coppers are, I prefer most of my customs to them. The LiveWires duals might be a good competitor for the Coppers, but the LiveWires Trips are superior in my opinion. They also cost around the same. Given the chance though I...
Ooh how much will this cost for the recables for customs?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirby1356 Painter's Tape. Ah thanks. Was looking for something not too thick yet offers decent protection from shaking around or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirby1356 pictures what's that blue thing you're using to line the tin?
I wouldn't mind a new player right now :P
Oh actually I was asking how much it weighs, like in grams? From looking at the pictures it seems like it might be a bit heavy and inflexible for use on the go?
hey craig what's the weight of the TWcu 24.5awg cable for the livewires? I'm kinda interested in them!
Quote: Originally Posted by EraserXIV it's an archos 5 with android, it's in the url of the picture. Oh damn how did I NOT spot that. It looks stunning though!
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