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Update   I did a diy USB cable made of 99.9% silver core and teflon sleeve. (0.50" diameter)  from left over DIY interconnect project (which I can't recommend enough).   feeding my dac, my silver usb sound way better than my audioquest cable      Then being left with the audioquest cable, I tried to replace the stock cable from the external hard drive to my laptop. The difference is audible. Not great but still audible.   Switching the cable between...
    Here the pic.
Here the original braided cable from hifiman for their flagship he6 headphone.   I  removed the XLR connector as the weight was bugging me.   You get the cable with proper terminason (1/4 stereo plug to he6 connector) Will include the connector if you need it.   Will post picture tonight.
Thanks you Steeve   You just saved me $100...   Martin  
HI all   I recently bought a audiophile usb cable (audioquest coffee) to plug between my laptop and my soundcard. (modified D100 and HE-6 can)   the improvement is substansial. I only had the cheap generic usb cable before.   Since my songs are all loaded on a USB external hard drive, I wonder if it could make sense to change that usb cable too.   Anybody tried that. Did it improve anything or Foobar buffer just take care of business in that...
Got mine yesterday. I analysed the circuit and can say that the output impedance is very low.   When you leave the DAC section, you pass a signal cap (wima), go thru a potentiometer and reach an op amp that feed a push pull emitter follower. Transistor stage are included in feedback loop. So the op-amp control everything.   In closed loop, the opa2134 datasheet state about 0.01ohm. with the wire+ connector resistance, maybe 0.4ohms.     the low impedance...
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