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I have the flc8s with xduou x3 The first two weeks I did not like the sound but then (mybe because the burn in) I could tell you frankly, the combo are great and i very like the sound,I like the combo than what I expected.
OK, I'm think i going change my opinion, I do not know if it's because of the burn in or I got used to the sound, but now I love the Flc8s + Xduoo x3 becouse the x3 more bassy and wider sound compared to Iriver u10.X3 is not lacking bass at all!
For me the foam tip is better, the mids and treble less Shrill (but i agree that the silcon tip give Richer mid)i get also better bass and more quality sound details and isolation
All the silicon tip no so good for me, im using foam tip and deep. I get alot of bass and isolation so i think that i push them good.
I tries and it still Shrill
My flc8s is very very good sound and better than dunu dn1000, but compare to dnk sometimes i feel they are a little harsh/Shrill in my ears, especially When I listen a thin sound like a woman singing. Im used RED Grey Grey.and Except this problem the sounds is amazing.
Hi, i sorry about my qoustion but as i remmemer the player also need burn in like headphone. Is true?
How long time do I have to make a burn in and whether it must be constant?And i need to do it on full volume?
Hi people, Burn in is improve the sound of flc8s?
I think The x3 sound no so good with flc8s. Unfortunately I can not find a player that gives the sound quality and details like my old iRiver U10 mp3. I sold the Couwn c2 and dx50 and now I am thinking of selling the Xduoo X3. But I want to give more time before sell it because i like the wide sound of x3. If i Burn in the x3 i get a better sonde after?
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