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You mean it?     Not written EP-FX8
the DX50 has excellent sound quality much more than cowon c2 galaxy s3 and sansa clip + but i dont know what happened to me but I'm not sure that dx50 is better than old player iriver u10 i Bought in second hand which Plays only MP3 music. Here's another one with this old player (iriver u10) which tried to compare it with DX50 (without amp) + IEM earphones? (iriver u10, i mean its Defined in EQ)   I'm sure that dx50 would be better with a amp but it is not...
I ordered the IRIVER U10 again in hand Second, I had it two years ago and is broken , I want to say this player beat the SANSA CLIP easy, who is not heard the IRIVER U10 on EQ does not know what is good bass and what is sound detailed and  Separation.I'm Not sure that everyone will like the IRIVER U10 because he was not bright and not warm and no Support FLAC music, but I prefer it for now to any other player I've heard with dunu dn1000, I need to hear it a lot to be sure...
dx90 vs x5 Any comparison ?
you all mean you like the dx50 than ak100\ak120 without amp ?
thanks but i buyed it from ebay
As I remember you sayed even you like the dx50 wolfson wm8740 without amp than the dx90 no?
and could tell me how much it improves the sound quality? I have a Galaxy s3 and I would happy if the sound Will be alot of better(-:   I have headphones dunu dn1000 If you need to know, and I do not need Amplifier i need only dac.
if i buy a cheapest model I will get a tip like yours? and which model are cheapest?
where can i buy this tip?
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