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the Volume of dx50 is very dangerous Be careful before you do "reset setting",is very important to remove the headphones before RESSET SETTING and turn down the volume, the defult is full volume, I forgot this And I heard an explosion in my ears on full volume,and I'm afraid I have done damage on my ears And I do not feel it meantime.   I think I'm going to sell the dx50  .   surry for my bad english
I had it in the past and is broken so I buyed the cowon c2 and I'm very disappointed,After this I bought the DX50 and I'm very pleased with it sound, but I really miss the beautiful sound and detailed sound and clean of iriver u10 When I use EQ.
Looking to buy the player that I had it before and it broke, I have the DX50 and I'm very happy with it. But I really miss the detailed sound (only use in EQ) and the clean sound of IRIVER U10 Player (with EQ) of my most favorite.
The EQ in rockbox very complicated and uncomfortable.
I have the DX50 with DUNU DN1000 My question is whether sounds much better with an amp? If the sound improves a lot So what EMP (or DAC) do you recommend for me?
After receiving the DX50 I want to say that this very amazing combo with dunu dn1000 especially to electronic music now I feel the music is thick naturally And amazing soundstage compared to s3 . Now I understand how the bass more fully and better compared to se215. i Testing yet for delicate music,Yet not what I like,i work at it with equalizer... But all the other style of music sounds amazing....
What? rockbox improves the sound quality?
thank very much h20  can i charge the battery with charger of samsung galaxy s3?
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