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Where is the  built in A/B switch in Amarra?
Both are textured.  I have the DAC-2 in black and the ST-500 in silver. I'm not sure which one I like better.  I usually don't look at my gear very much though.  My only exception for gear looking good is tube gear SHOULD ALWAYS have the tubes exposed and it should be designed with that in mind.  Tubes inside the case even through a window is a no-no for me.   I want to see those babies exposed out in the air lighting up like sonic beacons in the dark.   As for headphones...
Is Seraphine subtitles?
I have bought and sold and bought and sold the wall at least 4 times. 
Two things that will never happen.  Icenine2 will never paint his W4S DAC-2 Liquid Fire RED or own a pair of  Cardas Clear Cables...
I don't think there is any plastic on the case from what I can see.   
I challenge you to do it! 
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