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First I air blast it best I can then I use this  But I did not buy it, a friend of mine sent me a can.    Sometimes I spray a small area and then use Q-tips to clean around the boards.   It' the only thing I've tried so I don't know any other methods.  Maybe someone else can chime in about cleaning the insides of gear.   
My favorite part of vintage gear is opening it up and detail cleaning every inch inside and out.    I can spend doing one piece of gear.
KiD CuDi      Man On The Moon: The End Of Day (Deluxe Edition)            Estimated shipping date August 2012.      $749.00 / $849 with USB     Coming in June.  $749
I'm surprised the Svetlana 2 is priced as low as it is.     But as far as my big spending those days are gone because baby needs new a new pair of shoes because she's going off to COLLEGE!  Back to the poor house again I guess, or at least the used market...
Beautiful!   Is this it with a cage?     How is it as an amp?    
It's too bad Analog Design Labs still doesn't have a website in english.  I'm looking for a tube preamp and I noticed they have a few in their lineup.  Other than looking at photos there is no english info on price or model specifications.
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