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Viktor Korchnoi.  One of my chess heroes.    Click images for larger view.            
  Immortals   2/10    Started out interesting but then quickly became lame, confusing, and took a quick shortcut to the end.   I gave it a 2 because the special effects were the labor of hard work and the colorist did a decent job.
  I PM'd you.    I went from speakers to headphones for 11 months and then I simply HAD to go back to speakers.  Did I miss soundstage?  There is no such thing as soundstage with headphones.  I mean really?  A soundstage produced from two drivers right on top of your ears or a soundstage produced by drivers set up in a dimensional space and letting the music arrive at your ears from different points in time and space?  You'll miss that soundstage for sure. You'll YEARN...
                  Secede.    Vega Libre
Thunder is the real deal this year.  Next year Heat gets Steve Nash then it will be their time.     Just to keep this thread honest and on vintage topic I watch all the NBA games using my Marantz 2215B and BOSE 301's for audio.
It should be in the applications folder.   Is it in your dock?
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