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Brutality, killing children, children hunting children, thats all OK.  Its Janet Jacksons nipple that really boils the moral veneer of society...  
I think my Q cable came "Pre-Fondled".  
I miss my Q Cable even though I do not use headphones anymore.  
        An Afternoon on the Stradas...
Some nights are just different and that's were Laurie comes in.       
Just two episodes in?  Well it gets much better, and rainier also.
I noticed in that series that in every show it rains and rains and rains.  
Apparently, at least in my set up running a line out of the pre amp with one interconnect using a Y splitter or running two interconnects into a sub is good in a multi channel AV situation but in a 2.1 set up not so good with every subwoofer combo.    Many subs are like the TR-3.   This from Gallo on the subject of their Stradas and TR-3D sub.     If your amplifier has both Left and Right channel Pre-Out's then run both.  Alternatively, if there is only one...
                                                                                         Coil   Black Antlers.    Remastered Deluxe Edition.                 Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Part 2 - The Orb Remix Project CD2         
Well I spoke to Gallo about their TR-3D sub and they told me to hook it up using speaker cables from my amp into the sub and then out of the sub with speaker cables into the Stradas.   So the issue about the CSP2+ no longer exists.  I almost made the mistake of running a set of interconnects out to the subwoofer.  That would have been an expensive mistake.  
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