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I just ordered from my county library   India.Arie - Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship India.Arie - Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics  India.Arie - Acoustic Soul
Heres another India Arie    
Contagion 4/10   I went as high as a 4 because I dug the soundtrack.   
I think its really been absurd since the start.  
Hawaiiancerveza,   He is what I wrote about the Q cable concerning the bass.  I know what you when you say "less prominent" but To me it was less bloat in the bass and a bit more definition.       "Bass has a bit more dynamic definition and palpable sense than the stock cable with a bit more detail and a touch less bloat. Some may think the less bloat description to mean less bass. It does not. The bass is not negatively effected, if anything it is a bit...
          Its a Shulman afternoon...
In my 32 years of audiophileness I've never come across any piece of gear whatever it was that didn't have some sort of "character" to it.   Good luck in your hunt.  
                Throat Singing.         
It will be interesting to hear what Fried says.  After all it says in the V200 manual one can try this.
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