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Excellent vibration control.
7 Brass Audio Points SOLD   Dimensions 2" (Body Height) x 1.25" (Flange Diameter)  Thread Size is   3/4"-10.   Machined in 1992 , recently cleaned and polished.   http://www.audiopoints.com/productsDetail.php?2.0AP-1INT-View-Details-for-Model-Numbers-16   Excellents Brass Points can be used to support the heaviest gear racks.   Price includes PayPal & Shipping.    
22 Brass Audio Points For Sale   SOLD   Dimensions 1" x 1".  Machined in 1992 , recently cleaned and polished.      Will include free 18 coupling discs also from 1992. http://www.audiopoints.com/productsDetail.php?1.0AP1D-2 Excellent vibration control for your entire rig. Price includes PayPal & Shipping.  
There is no Strada 1.   Just the model Strada and Strada 2.
 Sorry can only ship inside the U.S.   Thanks.
Anthony Gallo Stradas. Black & Silver w/desktop stands.  The Stradas produce a 3D holographic soundstage and astounding low level detail with headphone like resolution. Includes Desk Top Stands.   I absolutely love these amazing speakers however circumstances require that I sell them. I have used them as desktop speaker and in a dedicated rig.
Venom 3, 1.5M, 15 amp.
I have been sizing down all my gear and I have 3 Shunyata Venom 3's for sale.   These are Venom 3 1.5M 15 amp. AC cords.  $110 each  I have 6 but now only need 3. Price includes PayPal & Shipping.   All 3 sold. That was quick!  Everyone enjoy.  The Venom 3 is an excellent value for the money.
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