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What can you say except these guys were uncompromising talents. War - Me and Baby brother YouTube - War - Me and Baby brother 1974 I was talking to a friend who was in the music business in the 70's. He said a lot of funk bands didn't get much airplay at the time because they were too rock for soul radio stations and too soul for rock stations. Don't know how much truth is in this (was 5 at the time) or indeed if there was an element of racism happening . But music is...
This is interesting. In this instance who has the onus of conducting a DBT. I actually think its on you JxK as you are the one making the claim. eg. all CD Players sound the same. Its a big call, I think I would put my money with Jazz if he DBT'd his equipment on this particular claim. (Not that I'm a gambler or anything) Ed
Quote: Originally Posted by JaZZ DBT results of this kind make me doubt the validity of DBT. It would be highly unscientific to ban such doubts from a science forum. . Jazz, what DBT results are you referring to? I see no direct reference to a DBT in the referenced thread by JxK, only his subjective opinion, which without a DBT is just that, his opinion. Surly the only thing JxK can do to prove his statement is with a DBT. The alternative is...
Yes. Exactly. It would be good to elaborate the original post and add your second comment.
I just wanted to post this for the comment under it in youtube THE LOST GENERATION - sure is funky YouTube - THE LOST GENERATION sure is funky 'got´╗┐ damn!!! this **** makes you want to drink and drive.'
I would like to use this opportunity to pay homage to possibly the greatest funky movie of them all. Carwash. IMO Bill Duke looks a lot like Forest Whitaker in this clip with the Pointer Sisters. The Rose Royce album is a classic. My favourite apart from the theme song is 'Put your money where your mouth is'. A killer groove. YouTube - Rose Royce - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
DBT is banned from the cables forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by eobet Well, your loss. Have fun being stuck in the 70s. if its 60's, 70's, 80s , 90's , 00's the groove don't know jack about it, you can even be dead and still have the funk Just keep on posting your funky music, it don't matter if not everyone likes it, if you got the funk you don't even care. as Rufus Thomas once said: 'Ooh Poo Pah Doo'
No, not for the sound science forum. I don't think Audio Asylum have a science forum, it looks like they use these rules on their Cables forum. For the sound science forum DBT must be a generally accepted approach, for my reasons see previous post. I think the balance is wrong at the moment, but to throw all the eggs out the basket is not much of a solution. I don't know how many others feel the same way I do.
Does anyone know what this is? Are there any Brazilians on this thread? YouTube - Rare track 6 (brazilian funk) And 70s Peruvian Funk. I didn't realise the Funk bridged the Andies
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