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Quote: Originally Posted by DrBenway He also has a lot of hair in his ears, and clipping it makes a pronounced difference in the performance of his hearing aids. It can mean the difference between hearing and not hearing if he lets the hair get too long.
How tight in the groove are the Bar Kays on this. Holy Cow! It doesn't even look like they're trying that hard. Check that bass plucking. YouTube - Bar-Kays Live - Holy Ghost They are a well oiled machine. The pause at 2:27 is like a 70's sedan autoshift shifting up to funk overdrive. I'm seeing if I can find a best of album. They originally were Otis Readings backing group and trumpet player Ben Cauley was the only survivor of Otis Readings plane crash.
Here is a picture of my rig.
Hey Prog Rock Man. Perhaps you could you try to contact the What Hi Fi editor on their forum and ask them what their testing procedures are. It would be interesting to know. Nick Charles posted a great set of links to some ABX testing on page 25 of the 'How do I convince people that audio cables DO NOT make a difference thread'. Here is a good one on amps: It would be good if you could update us when you do your test....
Try a Brazilian Wax. You get an improved separation in the lows.
Quote: Originally Posted by waterlogic "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. " I think you have just summed this thread up
Ohh yes, record players and CD players. I had forgotten all about them, do some people still use them? Yacht in the Caribbean! Hell, I'll give you 4 out of 5 stars and I haven't even seen your milk crate.
More Betty Davis, How much does Macy Grey sound like her, wierd eh!? This song could have been cut last week, its not dated at all IMO. Anti Love song YouTube - Betty Davis- Anti Love Song Apparently she was married to Miles Davis at one point.
Just to clarify, with my 'rack' theory, I was talking generally, not specifically about the What Hi Fi test. Although if I may add, regarding the 'consensus' opinion for the reason a rack makes a difference, eg equipment vibrating. Just how does a vibrating circuit board, or whatever it is that happens to be vibrating (although this is conveniently never discussed), effect the outputted signal? Unless someone tells me this I would like to put my theory on my previous...
Quote: Originally Posted by Leny As for racks... it's all about vibration being passed to the equipment. The vibration comes from the loudspeaker / sound wave. Some racks pass more vibration, some less. Some equipment is susceptible to vibration, and some not. Sure, I understand this is the 'consensus' opinion for the reason a rack makes a difference, but has this reason been experimentally determined as a fact? The reason I say that is...
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