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Its time to swing!   I wonder what he is saying to the girl?   This is Euro groovy baby .. VIC FLICK SOUND ORCHESTRA
    Oh OK, sure $19 there is nothing to loose.   But you did ask if $200+ cable makes a difference.  
  Mmmmm,   So your phones are SR80's yet you want to spend $200 on a cable?   What do you think will give you more improvement for your buck, a $200 cable or a Headphone upgrade?   Anyone who advises you to go for the cable is a  charlatan
SADE - Your love is King   And I'm obviously not the only one as I decided to post this before I read tru blu's comment!
Perhaps it was used as an advert.   "Once You Get Started" by Rufus and Chakka Khan has been spoilt for me as I still associate it with a TV advert (I think it was for a car) back in the 1980's. Once that link has been made it's not easy to break the association!
He gave a hundred lifetimes of bass lines on the Thriller Album though.   Here is a Commodore's question  ......   What is more funky,   Brick House   OR   Machine Gun  ?        
Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band must get a post for this thread.   Never have so many breakbeats existed on one song! Funky for sure. Possibly the first ever hip hop song?     Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band - Apache 1973   Check out the movie - Insane!
How good is this, the theme tune to the Braziian spoof of Jaws!      Beto Strada - Guitarra (Chase Theme) SOUNDTRACK 1976     I think Bacalhau is Portugese for Salted Cod.
That is a straight copy of the Ohio Players 1975 original.   I got a double A side single with 'Fire' on one side and 'Skin Tight' on the other. A most excellent slab of funk.
A big up to Fat Larry's band some amazing tracks over the years. Although I don't normally like syrupy slow soul, 'Zoom' gets to me.     Fat Larry's Band - Down On The Avenue
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