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Those 4 CD's just about cover everything.   Dean Parrish - I'm On My Way   ... Classic x 2   Yes agree RE Mono, some of the quality of those N.Soul tracks can be very bad (in the Bad sense of the word!), so if they have been remastered I will have to have check this out.   I hear a story they made so many N.Soul singles they used them as ballast in boats, not sure if that story is an urban myth though.
Not funky enough? Try this stomper for size ....    
Like it.   How about some old school. "I Surrender" 1969   I first heard it on a great N Soul Album called Foot Stompers on the classic 80s Kent record label, check Eddie Regan "Playin' Hide & Seek" on this Album as well, pure class.  Its probably more on the soul side of the funk spectrum, but its gets my feet twitchin the same.   I noticed Kent are starting to re release their Albums on CD, keep an eye...
Hi, good to see the thread still kicking.   This is track is awesome, never heard of it before. It appears in 'Breaking Bad' episode 4. A great show that happens to have a great soundtrack.   Darondo, "Didn't I" and from episode 5. Check 'Bronx River Parkway' if you get a chance. Deep Latin Funk. Bronx River Parkway, "Deixa Pra La" any song called 'Chums Pimpage' has to be worth a listen!    
If you are in Sydney Australia tonight this should be awesome, I can't make it!  
  Super 'Directional Cable' Man!   post of the year so far. In my humble opinion.
Yjere is some good stuff here ..   Check this out - Baby Huey -  Listen to...
You want to know how good the 70's were?   Check the opening sequence to 110th street driving around NYC.   Did you see one section of Metered Parking? The great Bobby Womack
Yes Resect,   Here is one I posted earlier with the guys running around New York having fun.   You can tell when it is because of the shot of the Billboard advertising the Godfather movie.
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