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Apex Halo
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I can suggest a cable I just bought from Dyson Audio which really cleared things up top to bottom. Very nice price as well.  
been playing my mkiii for a little while and i think i've hit on a couple combination of tubes i like.   stock power tubes + GE JAN5654W stock GE drivers are too dull for me. Amperex 5654 are really nice but a little thin compared to the military GEs. The GEs are detailed and add midrange oomph, that's the best way i can put it.   Sovtek 6H60P power tubes + Novosibirsk 6J1P The 6H30 power tubes really thinned out what the military GEs were doing. The...
Did you remove the filter? And are you coming directly off the DACs instead of off the PCB? I know that's an ugly picture but it shows the missing filter and the silver wire go over to each DAC fore output ...    
Not sure if this will make the difference but early on i did a mod to clear up some distortion. Dropping the resistance on input to the dac board to 1.2k using 2k + 3.3k on the board I had.
i has the filter and is worthy without any mods ... after 200 hours of burnin.
I get it. Which means if I put my last 110ohm resistor inline, meaning using 110 instead of 47 in the places you indicate, I will have both iput working and isolated but at 110R.   Did you ever try 100R before settling on 47R?  
Steve,   I am a curmudgeon. True enough.   Yes, I did see a quick mention of OPT. I can only say that bass is profound are here. I do not have cutting edge stuff, just Paradigm Studio things with a bunch of drivers that are not shy on bass at all. not sure if they accentuate bass. But I can say that bass took a nice improvement with the addition of the output transformers. Also nice inner detail with a solid topend, not exactly all tinkly airy extended, but very...
a comrade informed me 6moons Steve Marsh finally completed the Teradac review. I don't think much of it but here it is:   ahem ... no bass? harumph. and why the hell no mention of output transformers? i am starting to get a complex.
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