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 Owned both LCD-2.1 and 2.2 for 3+ years.  Also have a newer LCD-2F. Why do you ask?
With the BDA-2, the Gugnir was redundant. My Bifrost Uber feeds my Valhalla 2 in another location. An excellent combo for Sennheisers.
It's totally true. Take a look at the schematic that comes with the amp. You can also download it from the Bryston website (it's at the end of the user manual, I believe). This has been discussed many times earlier in this thread. Don't worry though. It's still a superb amp and my reference.
From my perspective there would be no sonic benefits from going balanced into the BHA-1 since, as you say, it's converted to single-ended any way. My BDA-2 sounds the same driving the BHA-1 either way. I currently own a Bifrost and formerly owned a Gungnir. My advise is to just enjoy your Bifrost. The Gungnir is a slight bit better, but the Bifrost is nearly as good. A worthwhile upgrade wound be the Yggdrasil.
 Saw a post by Auralic yesterday on another site.  Seems that they are doing final testing of V 2.0 and will submit to Apple for approval this coming weekend.  Not sure if this will allow enough time for them to make their previously quoted June release date.
Here are a couple more pictures to make it more clear (hopefully not more confusing):  
 The colors are just there on the drawing for clarity to make it easier match colors rather than letters and symbols.
 Here you go: 
What DAC or source are you using? That's more important than the chip itself. You will get better help if you list your audio chain from source to headphone.
 Should be just fine.  What is your source?
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