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 Congrats!  I'm sure you will enjoy your new DAC immensely.  I purchased a BDA-2 a few months back and have been continually impressed with its transparency and the ability to listen deep into the music without fatigue.  Amp is BHA-1 and phones are LCD-2 and HD800.  Great combo!
I'm selling these T50p headphones to clean out the closet.  I bought these in December 2012 but never used them as they did not seal correctly which degraded their response.  I recently heard the T51p and was most impressed -- enough to buy a pair.  Short story is that the major change from the T50p to the T51p is the earpads.  So, I recently ordered a pair of T51P earpads (part number 912603 EDT 51) to replace the pads on the T50p.  That has transformed the T50p to an...
 I've owned two LCD-2s and both were exactly the same as yours.  It seems our heads are not compatible with the design Audeze has chosen.  Actually, playing around a bit, I find that the headband would be in near full contact (front and back) if the pads were replaced by flat pads (not thicker in the back).  I'm guessing that the headband was designed before the angled pads were added, but never changed.
I bought this one, recommended in post #35.  Fits just fine.
I agree that the WA2 is very synergistic with the HD 800.  A match made in heaven!
Here you go:   DIY Modification for the Sennheiser HD 800: "The Anaxilus Mod" | InnerFidelity
I think the BHA-1 plays well with the HD 800.
+1I bet that Audeze sells many more travel cases than presentation cases. Much more practical.
 You can make your own.  A spare extension cable is about $16 from Koss service.  Solder on this Stax-compatible connect from Moon audio and you're good to go:
 I was looking for an elegant solution to the same problem.  Last week, I just wrapped some tightly-stretched electrical tape around both knobs, thus locking them together.  Problem solved and it doesn't look half bad. Also provides a better grip.  Completely reversible.
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