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I agree that the WA2 is very synergistic with the HD 800.  A match made in heaven!
Here you go:   DIY Modification for the Sennheiser HD 800: "The Anaxilus Mod" | InnerFidelity
I think the BHA-1 plays well with the HD 800.
+1I bet that Audeze sells many more travel cases than presentation cases. Much more practical.
 You can make your own.  A spare extension cable is about $16 from Koss service.  Solder on this Stax-compatible connect from Moon audio and you're good to go:
 I was looking for an elegant solution to the same problem.  Last week, I just wrapped some tightly-stretched electrical tape around both knobs, thus locking them together.  Problem solved and it doesn't look half bad. Also provides a better grip.  Completely reversible.
 Several years ago, I went down the rabbit hole and purchased Stax SR-007A (MKII), SR-007 (MKI), SRM-007tA and SRM-717, seeking the ultimate in headphone sound.  Last year, I sold all of the Stax gear and am now living happily with my ESP-950, LCD-2, HD800 and PM-1.  I'm not saying that any of these headphones are better than the Stax, its just that when I listened to the Stax, I realized that, for the money invested, they did not bring me all that much more listening...
 I agree.  A "straight wire with gain" does no harm and fully conveys all info from the source without adding coloration.  All of the extra features already described above are an added bonus.
 Sorry about the hum problem with your BHA-1.  I don't think that is typical though.  I've had my BHA-1 for almost two years and have had absolutely no problems with any of the headphones I've tried.  No hum out of Beyer T50p or Shure SE535, SE425, E4C.  Note that mine is a stock unit with no gain mods. I bought the BHA-1 to drive my HD800, HD650 and LCD-2.  The amp seems to tuned to mate perfectly with these headphones.   Best of luck in resolving the problem.
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