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 It's not as simple as "high output impedance = bad" , "low output impedance = good".  This post by Jan Meier and Tyll Hertsens may provide more clarifications: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/musings-headphone-amplifier-output-impedance#Xw44VUOHDb9iXHCB.97  I have two of Jan's earlier amps with adjustable output impedance and can verify that finding the right match with any given headphone (either high or low impedance) is not a simple rule of lower output impedance...
The amplifier sections of the HDVD 800 and HDVA 600 are identical. Purchased both and returned the HDVD 800.
 Those cool LED level indicators are just one of the many "features" that drives the price of the D1 to ~$9,000.  That's not compatible with Schiit's performance/dollar philosophy.
I agree. I find no such limitations. On par, or better than, my Momentum Wireless 2.0.
I would wait until Audeze responds before trying to repair.  They likely have seen this before and may have a suggested fix that can be done without sending your LCD2 back to them.
 Suggest sending it back to Audeze for repair to make sure the fix is done correctly.  Be sure to ask them to not change the driver elements since early versions of the LCD2 are in high demand,
No problem with top of head comfort. QC35 is more comfortable and feels lighter on the head than the Momentum Wireless 2.0.
 I agree.  I just sold my Bryston BDA-2 and BHA-1 which was displaced by the Deckard.  Was the Bryston combo better than the Deckard?  Sure. At $4K for the pair, it better be, but truth be told, it was not significantly better in my opinion.  The point of diminishing returns is something that everyone will have a different take on.
 My quick take is that the Sennheiser is the more accurate of the two if you're looking for a headphone that is true to the source material.  Both have boosted bass (not as much as the Beats wireless), but the bass on the QC35 very slightly muddies the lower midrange.  Not so with the Sennheiser.  The Sennheiser also has a more extended, but smooth, treble response.  The QC35 seems somewhat rolled-off at first listen, but my ears quickly adjust to the laid-back sound...
The hiss was very audible on the Beats Studio Wireless I purchased, especially on quiet passages of classical and jazz tracks. Not a problem with heavily compressed rock. I returned them and went for the Momentums followed by the QC35.
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