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 I owned a CEtrance DACmini for about a year and finally sold it since I felt it lacked ultimate transparency and seemed to be somewhat soft in the upper treble region.  Not so with the Deckard.  I would not call the Deckard bright though.  It seems neutral, similar to my reference DACs (BelCanto DAC3 and Bryston BDA-2).
 I sold my BCL long ago, so never had the chance to compare.  I like the Deckard very much.  It has more power, greater headroom than the BCL and, from memory, is smoother and more musical than the BCL.  It's a great match for both the LCD series as well as the Sennheiser HD800.  The fact that it has a good built in USB DAC and sells for $699 makes it a bargain compared to the BCL.
Beautiful!.  Excellent craftsmanship.
 Thank you!
 Note that with my HD 800, I prefer the Schiit Bifrost Multibit and Valhalla 2 (or Woo WA2 or HDVA 600) to the Deckard which tames the HD800's treble aggressiveness which can be over the top, especially in poorly mastered recordings.
 I also have a Schiit Bifrost Multibit and Valhalla 2.  While the Schiit combo is very good (and should be for $950), I prefer the Deckard for both its sonic signature (or lack thereof) and its ability to drive planar headphones in a great one-piece solution with no hassles.  A Deckard / LCD-2 combo is a "poor man's" reference system for music lovers that will take a lot more cash outlay to get a significant improvement.  Once you start going down the rabbit hole of...
 Well I, for one, am very happy with the DAC in the Deckard.  I don't find anything lacking when comparing it to my Bryston or Bel Canto DACs.  The main problem with the Deckard is that it's priced too low for the performance it delivers and doesn't get the respect it deserves.
 I've been an LCD owner since they were first launched having purchased versions 2.1, 2.2 and 2F.  They are used daily and I have never had any problems.  Last year, I purchased the Deckard which is a wonderful amp with the LCD-2.  So, I have a very different point of view about the reliability of Audeze products.  Suggest you fill in your Head-Fi user profile with your location and equipment used with your LCD-2.  It would help others to better understand your situation.
 If anything, keep the Bifrost Multibit and get an HDVA600.  IMHO, the Bifrost is a better DAC than the HD800, while the Valhalla 2 is on par with the 600/800 Senn amp.  The advantage of the HD600 is that it can also drive low impedance phones, like Audeze, very well.  You should definitely audition before selling as I think many people would prefer the Schiit combo over the HDVD800.  Use your own ears to make your decision.
 I think the BHA-1 without power supply has been discontinued, but you should check with Bryston to confirm.  The stock power supply built into the BHA-1 is very robust and dynamic with very low residual noise.
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