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What DAC or source are you using? That's more important than the chip itself. You will get better help if you list your audio chain from source to headphone.
 Should be just fine.  What is your source?
 +1.  A likely replacement for my various Squeezeboxes throughout the house, assuming that the Mini Aries (and Aries) can all be synced to play well together.
Yes. Apple camera connection kit. Check the Apple website.
 The Audioengine speakers will work fine.  Just keep in mind that the volume control of the Senn amp does not affect the XLR or RCA jacks on the back, so volume will have to be controlled by the volume control on the Audioengine speaker.
 Just checked the warranty card that came with my LCD-2 and Lohb is correct.  The only parts covered for three years are the drivers -- all others, including the cable, are one year.
 Should be 3 years, just like the headphones.  Just email Audeze and I'm sure they will take good care of you.
 +1.  Same here.  I have a large library of classical and jazz 96/24 FLAC and the Leckerton reproduces them beautifully.  You can't draw assumptions simply by taking numbers from a spec sheet and plugging them into an equation -- ultimately, you have to listen.
I didn't change the RCA connectors, but I removed the back panel and enlarged the RCA clearance holes with a reamer.  Now I can use any RCA cable.  A quick and easy mod.
Notes under the headband?  Tuning?  Please explain.
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