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I really like the ATH-CM7's. I didn't even know the ATH-CM700ti model existed. I've been away from the site for a while. I'll have to do a search on them.
I've already got the new HD700's. I plugged in my HD595's and turned it up to 105 db. I can tell you in all honesty that I haven't heard better sound since.
Quote: Originally Posted by MaloS headroom's bithead or airhead. I think you can't do better in that compartment than either one of those two. (they are equivalent, just that bithead translates well for home use also). Or their "Total" alternate versions, even better.
Quote: Originally Posted by 3lusiv3 Compared to other ear buds I think the ibuds sound quite good. I prefer them to Sennheiser earbuds. I don't like ear buds anyway. I do, too, with the iPod that is. Looks like I should update my sig... EDIT: done
As poorly as they fair against the forum favorites, they're actually much better than what comes with a lot of players. They are not audiophile 'phones by any means, but they are nicely balanced, imo.
Am I the only one who just shoves them in? I'm using them with ER-4P's and in my ears they go right in and give me a great, very comfortable seal with as good a bass response as anything else I've used. I used to be a tri-flange man because I got better bass/seal that way as opposed to using the foamies, but the Comply tips are much easier to deal with and I just have to push them in and enjoy. With the tri-flanges I had to wet them, insert, adjust, listen, adjust... ...
Thanks for all the info and impressions! Good comparo! Can anyone give their take on how these two would compare to the Ety ER-4P? My dream canalphones would have their level of detail (or better, of course ) and basic sound signature, but with more bass punch.
Like others have said, the HD595 is an excellent choice under the right circumstances but it you need isolation, forget it. Someone brought up durability, but mine have been quite durable without my having taken any great pains to ensure their continued health.
I used Foobar that way for a really long time!
One last thing to work out and I'll have it the way I want it, and will post my fcs. The last snag is that it doesn't seem to always handle vbr formatted files correctly. I get most of my vbr's, which probably average about 200 kbps, displaying in the Quality column as 32, 64 and 96 kbps, so the song lengths are wrong, too. I suppose it's doing some calculations, and when one is off, so's the other. Strangely enough, though, in the system tray the bitrate is correct,...
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