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So, just yesterday I ordered these.  The steep price made me instantly feel a twinge of regret.  Right away!  Maybe it was a stab.  Ahhh!  Oh well, hopefully their performance soothes it away.  Went with the 3-day shipping, so it won't be long.   I have long been satisfied with my my formerly high-end (now midrange?) gear.  Minibox E+, Ety ER-4P IEMs (with the S switch and bass boost on, usually), and a pair of Beyer DT880 full-sizers.  I was determined to be satisfied...
It looks like the litigation has begun.  Klipsch is suing.   http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57576411-38/monoprice-a-tech-consumers-best-friend-or-a-copycat/
What CNet says is this:   "Our only hesitation about the Monoprice 9774 speaker system is an ethical one. There's no denying these speakers feel like knockoff versions of the Energy system, and we have reservations about recommending a product that, at least in lay terms, feels like it ripped off the design and engineering work of another company. Monoprice has confirmed that it has not licensed the design from Energy, but hasn't explained exactly how the products...
It looks like the folks at CNet believe Monoprice may be making illegal ripoffs of Energy's product.  I have to say, it does look suspicious.   http://reviews.cnet.com/surround-speaker-systems/monoprice-9774/4505-7868_7-35512507-2.html
Why was AstroTurf banned?  Was this just a scam or does it actually work?
There are definitely times when the Etys expose bad recordings and low to mid-bitrate files to the point that I can't enjoy them as much as I can even on a set of Skullcandy Titans, which are obviously far inferior, technically speaking, to the Etys.  Maybe I should give something with a slight roll-off a try...hmm.  Torn.  When a recording is up to the potential of the Ety's, the experience is just awesome, but when the it's not, it can be pretty grating.  On the other...
I just read an article on CNet about the 4Ai.  I know they're not exactly the authority on sound sometimes, but it was Guttenburg (sp?) and he's usually pretty solid.  He loved them.  I second your suggestion that someone compare them to the ER4s...:)  I'll have to look up more info on these for sure.
Sorry to make the thread and then abandon it for a couple of days.  Had a minor emergency come up.  Almost as much of an emergency as my Etys finally giving out!   I really appreciate all of the suggestions.  I'll take what's been said here into account and do further research on the 'phones suggested.  I think I recall the RE272 being compared to the Etys in the past.  What about contrasting the two, what are the differences? 
They have served me well for about 10 years!  But at last one of the ear pieces is going in and out, so I'm going to replace them with another set of IEMs.  Here's what I want from the new set:   1) They must be universal-fit IEMs because my wife, a couple of friends, and I like to listen to music, say "hey, this is cool, check it out!" and then hand over the IEMs. 2) I want ER-4S-level detail retrieval. 3) I tend to listen to my Etys eq'd so that their frequency...
Didn't Dahl write some of the old Twilight Zone shows?  Many of his adult stories have that sort of feel.
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