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So, I assume that anything you can do with internal tracks you can do with external ones, right? EQ and random play of internal and external mixed together for example.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zelphar Regarding the tips, are they interchangeable between different IEM's? Or does one get tips for a specific IEM and then "one size fits all"-type tips? They're not all interchangeable, but I know that the Comply tips that fit the Westone UM2's fit the ER-4. I'm actually not sure what size mine are. I know they're not the shorts, so they're either medium or long. I think the short ones would be too small for the...
It sure looks like they'd be better, but as is said all the time here, what you see on a graph doesn't always match what you hear. I haven't tried the Shures, so I can't make a comparison, but I can tell you that the isolation you get with the Ety's is fantastic. I recommend getting Comply tips, btw - very easy to get a good seal and tops in comfort, imo.
I haven't had this problem, but I don't change tips very often, which I'd imagine significantly reduces the wear and tear on the 'phones. I use standard size comply tips and they're incredibly comfortable. I've used the same tips for months now and they still work fine. I think everyone produces a different amount of wax, though, so I'm not sure if this would be a typical experience.
Let's find out more about what you're looking for. Are you more into slammin' bass or detail? What kinds of music do you listen to most? Have you heard any other cans that you liked and, if so, what were they?
I think MaZa just came up with THE solution.
I vote for the Senn HD595's and Beyer DT880's also. Taking everything into account, I prefer the HD595's. They have a smoother frequency response, work well with any genre and every source and amp I've tried them with, and are very comfy while still having enough grip to stay right where you put them if you like to bob your head, move around, or listen while in a position other than sitting upright. I think the DT880's (mine are the version previous to the current...
I wonder if you pull on the cords in your sleep. I recommend a straitjacket.
Thanks jiitee! *heads to the search box*
Here's the claim: "Musicmatch Jukebox is the only all-in-one jukebox that delivers free unlimited CD- quality recording/ripping using the industry leading Fraunhofer MP3 encoder." What's your opinion? How does it compare to Lame?
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