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 I don't know if this is a new message or not, but Audeze's website says, "We plan to begin shipping in late March."
I see you are an XC owner.  There's a comparison that could really be interesting if you get the time.
I'll check it out, thanks.   And I'm really looking forward to reading impressions/reviews of the closed El-8.
I didn't actually accuse them.  I said it might be legitimate.  What I posted could raise suspicion, but that isn't the same as a true accusation.  There is an important distinction to be made there.  That said, you make good points here and I do see now that I got carried away with the drama of the situation.  I feel a bit stupid about it.  More so even than usual! :)
Wow, that's pretty darned flat.  Now I want to see the same graph for the closed version.
Yeah, I think the danger of paranoia is real, too.    Maybe I should ask for serial # and a face pic!    Just kidding...
A Japanese seller on U.S. Ebay is selling an Audeze LCD3 for just over $3000.  Makes no sense.  That's a 50% premium over the normal price.    :facepalm   I found it by googling "audeze lcd" to see if anything suspicious came up.  There is also a listing from Ukraine for an LCD 2 described as "Used but in perfect condition!"  It seems like a normal used price, but it'd be smart to set it up that way to avoid suspicion.  The weird (to me) thing is that there is no other...
Yeah, I was already looking at buying an LCD-XC.  This makes me want to do so even more.  I'm sorry to hear that this has happened to you folks at Audeze.  We all know you put a lot of hard work into your business, so this is pretty infuriating to hear.  I think we should all kind of police ebay, amazon, and elsewhere to see if we find suspect deals. 
Thanks for the reply, Mike.  I'm glad you've been giving us your impressions!
Haha, that cracks me up.   On a different note, I'm curious about how these stack up against the LCD series.  I know you've said you don't like comparing them, so I apologize!  I can't help it!  Looking at my finances, I have decided I can safely make one true high-end headphone purchase.  So I'm not concerned with the price difference between the LCD and EL lines so long as there is a significant difference in quality.  So, would you say there is a significant bump up...
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