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I get:   "HTTP ERROR 404 Problem accessing /quizgwt/view/theme/wikia-us.jsp. Reason: Not Found   Powered by Jetty://"   So what does that make me?
Yeah, well said, you're totally right.  The quality of sound you can get per dollar with headphones is really kind of insane when you think about it in this context.  Of course I love listening to my floor-standers, too.  Headphones just can't make your environment shake and bump like speakers.  But then the (to varying degrees) in-your-head sound of headphones can be a strength if you're in the mood for a more intimate experience.  Like everything, it's all about what...
Haha, yeah, I should really change that to "high bitrate" instead!    And yes, I am sure that with the myriad amps out there that impose their own color to the sound that the Beyers could sound significantly different.  I'm not arguing with that.  But that gets to be a pretty expensive game, especially for someone kind of starting out in this hobby.  And an amp that would significantly warm the Beyers and bring the mids up would be more likely to lock you in to a...
My experience over many years owning the DT880 and using it with many portable players, three receivers, and three amps is that the DT880 is basically always going to sound like slightly altered versions of itself unless you go at it with an equalizer or tone controls.  Well, I should qualify that a little.  I do not recommend using it straight from a portable, not unless you're using something truly robust (for a portable).  It will sound very very thin coming from the...
Well, I hope you and everyone else gets them as soon as possible, but it's understandable that the robbery would cause a delay.  Sucks all around.
 I don't know if this is a new message or not, but Audeze's website says, "We plan to begin shipping in late March."
I see you are an XC owner.  There's a comparison that could really be interesting if you get the time.
I'll check it out, thanks.   And I'm really looking forward to reading impressions/reviews of the closed El-8.
I didn't actually accuse them.  I said it might be legitimate.  What I posted could raise suspicion, but that isn't the same as a true accusation.  There is an important distinction to be made there.  That said, you make good points here and I do see now that I got carried away with the drama of the situation.  I feel a bit stupid about it.  More so even than usual! :)
Wow, that's pretty darned flat.  Now I want to see the same graph for the closed version.
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